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Alice in Wonderland Bingo Game Variations

Bingo is a great, traditional party game that EVERYONE can play (which makes it perfect for parties.) However, an Alice in Wonderland theme by definition means NOT traditional - even a bit crazy! Here are some Alice in Wonderland Bingo game variations that are fun to play and embody the madness of Wonderland!

(ADVICE: It's HIGHLY advisable for party settings to use TESTED Bingo game cards only. When playing Bingo for casual play, it's ok to use cards created from generators or ones that you quickly put together. However, it can REALLY be a 'Bingo Buzz Kill' when more than one person gets Bingo at the same time (especially for those winners!) Make sure that you use a set that has been tested to ensure only one winner for the standard game plays. Here is a link to such a set with an Alice in Wonderland theme - ALICE IN WONDERLAND BINGO.

Alice in Wonderland Bingo Game Variation #1: Off With His Head Bingo

The Queen of Hearts is in a frightful mood and Bingo spaces aren’t safe in this game. Call out seven game spaces as you would in a traditional game of Bingo. However, on the eighth call, explain to your players that the Queen of Hearts just lost her temper and called for a space to 'lose it's head'. Mention that the eighth call was just beheaded and is dead. The space cannot be covered nor will it be called again. Whoever has that particular space on their boards will know that it cannot be covered during the course of that game. Repeat this process with every eight spaces being 'beheaded’ by the Queen of Hearts. If you only have a few people playing, you might consider having more frequent temper tantrums from the Queen.

Alice in Wonderland Bingo Game Variation #2: Wonderland Playing Cards Bingo

This is a great version for adults and older kids – anyone who enjoys a good hand of Poker. Begin with each player marking five unique spaces of their own choice on their game boards in some way (circling them, drawing a box around them, etc.) Once each player has marked their five spaces, play Bingo in the standard way. However, when a call space is called out
corresponding to one of their five marked spaces, they are to raise their hand and call out POKER! At this time, the player is to receive one playing card from a standard deck of shuffled playing cards. Play continues until someone wins Bingo. Once someone does win Bingo, it’s time to play Poker. The player with the best Poker hand based on the cards they earned during the game wins a separate prize!

Alice in Wonderland Bingo Game Variation #3: It's MY Unbirthday Bingo

In It's My Unbirthday Bingo, the goal is to have your teacup filled with tea during game play… remember how hard it was for Alice to get her teacup filled? To play, before the round begins, have each player mark on their board their teacup space (drawing a small teacup on that space clearly with a marker.) When someone has their teacup space called, they are to call out "It's MY Unbirthday!!!" At this time, you must go to their board to verify their board to make sure that it's true and specially mark their board. They ALSO get to choose another space (or more than one if you choose based on the goal of the round) to mark out. If they forget to call "It's My Unbirthday!"when their space is called, they cannot claim it later. They must call it out when it’s called. Everyone, of course, will want their teacup space called towards the end so that they can use their extra free space of their choice to win the game!

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