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Jungle Safari Theme Party Activities

Jungle Safari Theme Party Activities #1: Put a five or six-foot long sheet of white butcher paper on the table or wall. Give your guests crayons or markers to draw a jungle mural. You could pre-draw or glue a few pictures on the mural to give them ideas, and then let them create the rest. Perhaps you can draw trees, branches, a river, rocks and caves for the animals they create. This probably wouldn’t be best for younger children, in case they draw on the wall. There are SO many different aspects to a jungle with so many different kinds of animals that the children will have fun contributing their own detail.

Jungle Safari Theme Party Activities #2: Have your guests make exotic jungle necklaces or bracelets. You can get leather cording at craft stores. Many of the same stores have a lot of beads available now. You can find beads that look like bones, leaves, animals or gems. You could even use wooden beads and some artificial leaves. Cut the leaves off an artificial vine and string them on the cording or thread.

Jungle Safari Theme Party Activities #3: Create a small network of tunnels by taping together large moving boxes. Open the top and bottom of the boxes, and you can tape the flaps together end to end. Make sure that you have two separate entrances into the labyrinth. Inside the boxes, put different jungle objects (such as two plastic lions, two canteens, two maps of Africa, etc.) Have the children form two teams (two different exploration teams) that will compete against each other in a relay race. Then, have the children form two lines some distance from the box caves. When you say go, the first kid from each team runs in to find an object you call out. For instance, the first race you might say “Plastic Giraffe, GO!” Then the first two team members must run inside the tunnels, looking for that object. First one to find the object and run back to their team earns a point. Then send the next two kids in line are looking for a different object. Kids really love this one…

Jungle Safari Theme Party Activities #5: If you have a pet reptile or exotic bird, or know someone who does, ask him to show up to your party with his pet. Perhaps he can walk around and allow brave guests to pet it or just admire it from afar…spiders, snakes, lizards…anything creepy or exotic would be good.

Jungle Safari Theme Party Activities #6: Have your guests go hunting for bugs, worms, moths or butterflies. You can find official bug collecting kits at department stores. Or, if it’s just for the afternoon, give everyone a clear plastic cup. Put some grass or leaves in each cup. When they collect a bug, they can cover the cup with plastic wrap and use a rubber band to hold the wrap on the cup. Have an adult use a fork or knife to cut a few breathing holes in the plastic cover. You could also use clean jars with lids. Cut small holes in the top of the lids. If the holes are too big for your creatures, then put some netting fabric in between the lid and the jar. That will allow air into the jar, but keep the bugs from escaping.

Jungle Safari Theme Party Activities #7: Make balloon animals! As a fun pre-party activity (while the children are waiting for the other guests to arrive) have lots of balloons already blown up. Use natural colors such as orange, white, brown, yellow, and green and provide permanent markers for the children to draw different animal faces on them. (if you use water based markers the images will come off on hands and clothes too easily) It’s a great activity for the children to use their imagination to figure out what animal head should be on each balloon. You might also be able to find animal balloons at a party supply store.

Jungle Safari Theme Party Activities #8: Make balloon animals – PART TWO. You can find long twist balloons at party supply stores, and magic or clown supply stores. These balloons are made to be twisted without popping – within reason. Visit your local city library and check out a book on balloon animals. If you’re handy with the directions, you can learn how to make a wide range of different wild animals or items. They make GREAT decorations or parting gifts too. If your guests are interested and you are patient, you could also teach everyone how to make basic balloon items. Don’t be intimidated by the pictures of some of the more elaborate animal designs…there are plenty that are extremely simple and only require a few ‘twists.’

Jungle Safari Theme Party Activities #9: Guess the sound. Prepare a CD or tape before the event with several different wild animal sounds or other appropriate sounds as dictated by the locale you’ve chosen to create. Have your guests sit in a circle in a room that can be made pitch black once the lights are out. If you can’t get complete darkness, then have everyone wear blindfolds. Play the first sound and ask the kids to guess what they are hearing. For added fun, have props handy to accentuate the sounds. For instance, if you’ve recorded the sound of a tiger, then walk your dog past the children, brushing up against their legs or faces. You could also use a feather duster or pipe cleaners. Play the sounds one at a time and have the players guess what animal it is. If your guests are older, give them paper and pen to write it down. If they are younger, you can just let them yell out answers. You could pre-print a list of animals to choose from and hand it out to the guests, too

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