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Mexican Fiesta - Cinco de Mayo Theme Party Game Ideas

Mexican Fiesta - Cinco de Mayo Theme Party Game Ideas #1: This game would work for older children as well. At your local library (or online) look up how to say the following words in Spanish: Yes (Si), No (No), Please (por favor) and Thanks (gracias.) (I say look them up because spelling them in Spanish won’t help pronouncing them with a native tongue.) Provide these words and translations for each of your guests and explain that the English versions of these four words are not to be used (either for a specified period of time or for the duration of the party/event.) Additionally, arm each guest with three markers (coins, fake jewels, etc.) If a guest uses one of the four English words in any way (even in casual conversation) the first other guest to notice gets to ask for one of their markers. At the end of the specified time, the one with the most markers wins. For a great online translator resource (though does not show pronunciation) is As another variation, consider the following: Begin by explaining to your guests (preferably as they arrive) that they are to ONLY use the Spanish language when referring to numbers. Provide each person with three dried pinto beans (bought at your local market.) Each time a party guest says a number in English (i.e. one, two, seven, etc.) they must give one of their pinto beans to the person standing closest to them (or the person that first notices the error.) Once a person runs out of pinto beans, they are out of the game. At the end of the party, award a prize to the person with the most pinto beans! For quick reference, the numbers in Spanish are as follows: 1- uno, 2 – dos, 3 – tres, 4 – quarto, 5 – cinco (pronounced SINKO), 6 – seis, 7 – siete, 8 – ocho, 9 – nueve, 10 – diez. If you feel that your guests might not be as familiar with these number, you might consider posting a sign (made from posterboard) with the numbers boldly written.

Mexican Fiesta - Cinco de Mayo Theme Party Game Ideas #2: Make sure that every guest has a sticker-tag with the name of a fictitious traditional Mexican man or woman on it (i.e. Carlos the Politician, Juanita the Tortilla Maker, Juan the Fisherman, etc.) Then, below that name, write a small fact about that fictitious character (i.e. Raises lizards for pets, has climbed to the top of an Aztec temple, has never visited Mexico City, etc.) Then, give every guest a pencil and piece of paper. Explain to your guests that they must write down the names of every ‘character’ present in the room while they are having conversations and meeting others (a great way to initiate mingling.) Be sure to tell them ahead of time how many guests there are so that they know when they’ve found them all. Throughout the evening, call out at different times ways to cross names off their list. You see, one of the characters in the room has just robbed a bank in Mexico City (for example) – but which one? At some point you might give a clue “The character hates lizards” – then everyone would cross those names off their list. A half hour later, you might say “The character has never seen a real Aztec Temple” – then they would know to cross off the name who had that detail (they may need to go searching again among the other guests to remind themselves who had that fact on their sticker…) Again, it’s a casual game that can keep the party moving, without asking a lot from your guests.

Mexican Fiesta - Cinco de Mayo Theme Party Game Ideas #3: This is a great game that can passively last throughout the entire party. Print out several pictures of different Mexican cultural objects (i.e. sombreros, piñatas, etc. - see Idea #1 in the Decorations section for resource ideas on obtaining images.) On each of the sheets of paper, write a different number or name bold enough to be see easily. Place them throughout the party area, however do not place all of them in easily found locations. Some of them can be in plain view (so that everyone can find a few) but most hide a bit out of sight. Provide for each of your guests to have a copy of a list of all the images to find. Next to each of the image names, they are to write the number/name written on each image sheet. The goal is to be the first to fill in all the answers by either knowing them outright, finding the poster or combinations thereof. You can also instruct them that all completed sheets can be turned in to you by a certain time, then a raffle can be held among all that are turned in for a prize. A third variation would be to offer a raffle ticket for each correct answer (the more they answer, the better chance they’ll have to win a prize at the raffle.)

Mexican Fiesta - Cinco de Mayo Theme Party Game Ideas #4: Test their powers of observation by handing different teams a copy of the same Mexican vacation travel magazine or brochure (making sure that it is one of the larger ‘books’ with lots of pages.) Ahead of time, find specific pictures in the magazine and write down their page numbers on a separate piece of paper. Have each team (five players max) keep their magazine closed until you’ve called out the item and said GO! They will then flip through the pages of the magazine frantically looking for the image you called out. The first team to find the image earns one point. The team with the most points at the end wins. If you have two teams, make sure you have an odd number of items so that you can avoid a tie. If your magazines have similar pictures throughout, purchase an additional copy of the magazine and physically cut out the images you want the teams to find so that they can see exactly what it is that they are looking for. Same as before, have each team close their magazine, you then hold up the cut out image. Once each team has seen the image, say GO and let the race begin. You might want to add in the extra difficulty of not allowing the teams to see the image again once their magazines are open. They must use their powers of observation to remember what the image exactly looked like.

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