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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Theme Party Games

Being Snow White is a dream of most young girls so choosing a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs theme party as your next party theme sounds perfect...until it comes time to start planning what your little Princess party guests will actually DO at the party. We're hoping that these Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs party games will help you get your creative juices flowing!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Party Game Idea #1: Find The Dwarf Gems! Get your hands on a bunch of plastic gems (many sources for finding these - for some that are realistic looking without the annoying mirror back, CLICK HERE.) It's important to have different colors for this one. Keep all of your party guests out of one of the rooms and hide the different gems in different places throughout the room. Ahead of time, choose which colors will be worth more points than others. The gems that will be worth more points need to be hidden in more difficult places. Likewise, the gem color that is worth the least points might be in plain site. In this game of find the gems, it's not how many you find as much as it is how many points you earned! For older participants, add this twist/rule. You can ONLY TOUCH THREE GEMS. If you touch it, you have to pick up. In this way, the participants will have to choose if they want to pick up a gem that isn't worth very many points or keep looking in the event that they might find another one worth more. However, there's always the chance that they could come back and that original gem might have been taken by someone else! This game could also be played outside if you have a sandbox handy.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Party Game Idea #2: Escape the haunted woods. In a hallway (preferably decorated like a woodsy scene) hang some brown streamers in an obstructive way to simulate tree branches that would be in the way of Snow White running through the woods from the Huntsman. The goal is to get from one of the hallway/woods to the other without touching any of the streamers/branches!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Party Game Idea #3: Create a Snow White obstacle course to complete. Take the different aspects of the Snow White story and think of a separate, quick activity that would represent that part of the story, keeping the events in proper chronological order. For example, the different stops of the obstacle might include (in this order), running to stop #1 to fill a bucket of water (Snow White began the story as a maiden with lot of chores), followed climbing a tree branch (when she ran through the woods from the Huntsman), to running to a sandbox to find a hidden gem (when we first meet the dwarfs),to running a plate with a small fruit pie for her to eat (when she sang/ate/danced with the dwarfs) to run to another plate with an apple slice (where she ate the poisoned apple) to finally running to a small bed to lay on as she waits for her prince to come and awaken her. The participant with the shortest time, wins.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Party Game Idea #4: Here's a variation on Game #1, but takes some extra planning...and is worth it! Instead of hiding the gems in a room or the ground, you'll be hiding them in the 'rocks.' A few days in advance, make some good mud in your backyard. This is where you can pull in any boys in the family to help out - they may not be excited about having a bunch of girls in the house for a Snow White party, but they'll be excited for this part! Take the gems as suggested in Game #1 and put them INSIDE large clumps of mud. One gem per clump. Allow the clumps to dry in the sun and keep them for the party. When it comes time to play the game, explain to your party guests that they will each need to pick 3 'rocks' from the Dwarfs' mine to find precious gems. The rules remain the same that some gems are worth more points than others. For older participants you could even have some clumps without any gems!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Party Game Idea #5: Play a game of 'hot potato' - Snow White style! You'll need a small bag of apples for this game. Begin by playing a song from the movie Snow White (preferably a happier tune like "The Silly Song") while the party guests pass an apple in a circle. When the music stops, whoever is holding the apple must take a bite out of the apple and then pretend to 'pass out' and lay on the floor. The music is then played again and a new apple is passed, passing over any players who have taken a bite. This is repeated until one person is left and declared the winner.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Party Game Idea #6: Using chalk on your driveway, draw out a maze to get through, in the shape of the woods that Snow White had to get through to find the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs. Time each participant to see how long it takes them to figure out how to get through the woods the fastest (making sure that participants who haven't gone through yet do not see the path before their turn.)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Party Game Idea #7: This is a fun game to play when it's warm outside and your little princesses are looking for a little more 'wild activity.' It's about Snow White having to scrub the palace floors at the beginning of the story. Set up a relay race in a standard fashion with two lines of participants on one side of the yard. On the other side place an empty bucket of water. Place FULL buckets of water next to each line of participants and give one cup to each person in the front of the line. When you say GO, the first runner will scoop out a bunch of water and run to the bucket at the end of the yard and pour out the cups contents. They will then run back to their team and give the cup to the next person in line, who will then do the same. After a certain number of minutes (however long you'd like the game to last) the runners must stop. At that time, measure the contents of the two buckets to see which team collected more water.

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