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Tarzan Theme Party Games and Activities

Tarzan Theme Party Games and Activities #1: Tarzan is known for his ability to swing from jungle vine to jungle vine. If you’re able to have access to just ONE rope swing, you have what you need to bring that aspect of the Tarzan movies to your party. Several different kinds of games and activities can coordinated from a single rope swing. Depending on your set up (where your swing is located, on a hill, etc.) you can have a contest to see how far someone can swing by letting go of the rope at just the right time. Another test is to have an object setting on a branch or some other ‘shelf’ where the object is to swing and grab it without letting go of the rope. A third test might be to set up small targets on the ground. Allow each swinger to swing on the rope and try to LAND on one of the small targets. With this last one, make sure that the rules are very clear (i.e. BOTH feet must be within the boundaries of the target, one food must land on one target while the other foot on a different designated target, etc.)

Tarzan Theme Party Games and Activities #2: When Tarzan met Jane, he had to learn a whole new language to communicate with her. His grunts and other ‘ape sounds’ didn’t mean anything to her. For fun, take some words from another language (perhaps Yoruba, Swahili or some other African language) and teach them to your guests. Insist that they replace their English equivalents with these new foreign words. For this to work best, make sure that there are not many words, those words are common (such as ‘yes’, ‘no’, etc.) and that each guest receives a small cheat sheet to carry around with them so that that they can familiarize themselves with the words as the party goes on.

Tarzan Theme Party Games and Activities #3: Set up an encampment in your backyard or some other outdoor space, if possible. Hide among the encampment several copies of a single item (for example, pennies, small bananas, etc.) Form two lines to create a relay race. Each runner must run to the encampment, grab ONE of the items that you have multiples of, and bring it back to their team, wherein the next team member will run to the encampment until every member has gone. A variation is to have a stack of cards with different items on them. When a runner is ready to head to the encampment, have the draw a card to see what item they must retrieve. This latter version works better with older children.

Tarzan Theme Party Games and Activities #4: As a variation on the above (and the ability to utilize one space for two different games) create an encampment with as many items as you can. Try to include books, newspapers…anything with a lot of details. Allow all of the party guests to walk around the encampment for three minutes. Then, take all of the guests indoors and ask them questions about what they saw. They receive one point for each detail that they get correct (i.e. “What color was the pencil next to the map?” or “How many pennies were sitting next to the atlas?”)

Tarzan Theme Party Games and Activities #5: Guess the sound. Prepare a CD or tape before the event with several different wild animal sounds or other appropriate sounds as dictated by the locale you’ve chosen to create. Have your guests sit in a circle in a room that can be made pitch black once the lights are out. If you can’t get complete darkness, then have everyone wear blindfolds. Play the first sound and ask the kids to guess what they are hearing. For added fun, have props handy to accentuate the sounds. For instance, if you’ve recorded the sound of a tiger, then walk your dog past the children, brushing up against their legs or faces. You could also use a feather duster or pipe cleaners. Play the sounds one at a time and have the players guess what animal it is. If your guests are older, give them paper and pen to write it down. If they are younger, you can just let them yell out answers. You could pre-print a list of animals to choose from and hand it out to the guests, too.

Tarzan Theme Party Games and Activities #6: For a more active crowd, create an obstacle course befitting that of Tarzan. Include a lot of jumping, climbing and balance walking. For added fun, give them a small stuffed animal (making sure it’s a jungle animal) and explain that the animal is hurt and needs to be taken back to it’s momma safely.) Time each person to see who can complete the course quickest. Be sure to set the rule that if anyone skips a step or ‘cheats’ they must come back to the beginning. This will keep every runner alert and focused on completing all of the steps in order.

Tarzan Theme Party Games and Activities #7: Give each party guest a giant sheet of paper or poster board. Provide everyone with enough markers/crayons/construction paper to create their own original Tarzan tree house on the poster boards. This is a great early activity because it allows you to display their creations throughout your party, ‘beefing up’ your party decorations!

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