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Roaring 20s Theme Party Decorating Ideas

It can be great fun to plan a Roaring 20’s party…the theme is practically a party theme in and of itself. Sometimes it can be hard to capture that 20’s spirit in your decorating. Whether you’re going for a Great Gatsby feel or an Al Capone feel, here are some easy to implement decorating ideas to take your guests back nearly a century to the Roaring 20’s.

Roaring 20s Theme Party Decorating Ideas #1: Depending on the overall feel you are going for with your party, you might consider decorating the front entrance like the entrance to a speakeasy (an ‘illegal bar’ during Prohibition during the 1920’s.) Have someone dressed at the entrance who will peek through a hole in the door (mail slots can work well with home front doors) and ask them either for the password or who sent them (in which case it would be the perfect time to use the name of the guest of honor.) Passwords can also be provided in the invitations that you send out.

Roaring 20s Theme Party Decorating Ideas #2: If you have a lot of invitations left over, these can also be hung up or used as centerpieces on the individual tables.

Roaring 20s Theme Party Decorating Ideas #3: Get your hands on some old wooden crates (or use blank cardboard boxes) and fill them with straw, raffia or shreaded newspaper. Peeking out the top (cardboard boxes opened) have bottles sticking up with a couple of the boxes and crates. These look great at the entrance to your speak easy or stationed at a photo opportunity location!

Roaring 20s Theme Party Decorating Ideas #4: If you are going for a more mobster feel, set a small crime scene vignette somewhere at the party (at the entrance, in a corner, etc.) Things to include would be a chalk outline of a body (masking tape would also work, especially if indoors), a police officer writing down details, some broken gin bottles, a weapon or two, etc.

Roaring 20s Theme Party Decorating Ideas #5: Ask around to family and friends to see if anyone you know has a barrel or two (older varieties work best if you have a choice.) These look great at the entrance to your party, especially if you are shooting for a more Prohibition/Speakeasy feel.

Roaring 20s Theme Party Decorating Ideas #6: Costume pieces make great decorations just about anywhere (on walls, at the entrance on a table, as centerpieces, etc.)! Some items to consider include long pearl necklaces, boas and hats – for those planning a more mobster feel, include some plastic guns as well.

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