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Roaring 20s Theme Party Food Ideas

So, all of your mobster and flapper friends are coming to your Roaring 20’s party…but what type of food will you serve or offer. You’ll want to keep with the theme, but that isn’t always easy. Perhaps some of these ideas will you get started…

Roaring 20s Theme Party Food Ideas #1: Due to prohibition, it was illegal in the 20’s to order/serve alcohol…so underground nightclubs often had to disguise the names of the drinks for their visitors in the event that there was a raid. Have fun coming up with different names for each of the drinks that you offer. For added fun, DON’T tell your guests what each drink’s new name is…have them order it and then serve them whatever they ordered!

Roaring 20s Theme Party Food Ideas #2: Keep all the cold drinks in your bathtub (filled with ice) or use large metal wash bins.


Roaring 20s Theme Party Food Ideas #3: Mint Julips (an alcoholic drink) were made VERY popular by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s very popular novel of the time, The Great Gatsby. Have these available for your guests – with non-alcoholic versions available for those underage.


Roaring 20s Theme Party Food Ideas #4: For a more Italian mobster feel, provide some Italian food for your guests. If you don’t plan on offering a full menu for your guests, decorate a table in a traditional Italian style and over a few bowls of Italian breadsticks for your guests to grab and munch on (you’ll be surprised how many of your guests will end up using them as mob boss cigars!)

Roaring 20s Theme Party Food Ideas #5: Incorporate Chinese food into your menu as Chinese cuisine was very new during the 20’s and very popular among those looking for a little adventure in their meals!

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