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1940s Theme Party Food Ideas

So, you’re planning a 1940s theme party and would like to have some edibles as a part of entertaining your guests. You can go the traditional route and serve some basic comfort food of the time, or consider some of these creative 1940s theme party food ideas…

1940s Theme Party Food Ideas #1: Post restaurant signs around the food table (even if more than likely you won’t be charging food) as though it were a local diner. Include prices that were consistent with the 1940’s (i.e. hamburger 5 cents, soda 5 cents, etc.). It’s amazing how much food prices have gone up over the years and your guests will marvel at what a hamburger used to cost!

1940s Theme Party Food Ideas #2: Tupperware was actually invented in 1945 and became widely popular in the US. You can either use Tupperware as part of your food centerpiece or serve your food directly from Tupperware pieces!


1940s Theme Party Food Ideas #3: To celebrate the United Nations creation in 1945, offer an International cuisine from around the world. Using toothpicks/Popsicle sticks, create little flags to stick in each dish that corresponds to the country they represent.

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1940s Theme Party Food Ideas #4: Many restaurants and other food products were released in the 1940’s including Dairy Queen’s frozen dessert, McDonald’s hamburgers, York Peppermint Patties, Cheerios, M & M’s (plain), Jr. Mints, Kellogg’s Raisin Bran. These are great to put in sampling bowls scattered throughout your party for your guests to nibble on.

1940s Theme Party Food Ideas #5: Although pizza was first introduced to the US in 1890, it became HUGELY popular once the American GIs came home from overseas (Italy.) This makes for easy food to provide for your guests and once you explain why you chose pizza (aside from the fact that everyone loves pizza) they’ll be glad that you chose it for the party!

1940s Theme Party Food Ideas #6: Some food items were rationed during World War II. For extra fun, choose a dish that would normally require one of these items and serve it WITHOUT that item, explaining to your guests that they’ll just have to make due. After all, there I a war going on!

1940s Theme Party Food Ideas #7: Visiting Coney Island was a popular destination for visiting GI’s on their day leave. In honor of this popular 40’s destination, offer some authentic Coney Island Hot Dogs.

1940s Theme Party Food Ideas #8: Although there isn’t much information as to what the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s favorite food was, Winston Churchill was known to have loved roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with vegetables.

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