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1940s Theme Party Invitation Ideas

The 1940s can be such a romantic time for many and planning a 1940s theme party can be a lot of fun to try and capture the spirit of that time. When it comes to your invitations, do what you can to bring that spirit to your guests with these 1940s theme party invitation ideas.

1940s Theme Party Invitation Ideas #1: Depending on your timeframe for the party (what part of the 40’s you are placing your party) you might consider inviting your guests to a Victory party as though the war was over! Two dates to consider in your invitations are May 8, 1945 (V-E Day celebrating the Allies victory in Europe) and August 14, 1945 (V-J Day celebrating the victory over Japan, signaling the end of World War II.)  

1940s Theme Party Invitation Ideas #2: Decorate your invitations like a newspaper headline. There are SO many different possible headlines to choose from. Just choose one that you feel will provide the right mood for your party (i.e. which part of the 40’s you are shooting for, etc.)

  1940s Theme Party Invitation Ideas #3: Invite your guests to a community dance to say goodbye to all of the soldiers being shipped out in the morning. Conclude the party with a formal goodbye to all of the men in the room and that everyone will be hoping for a safe return. That would be a good time for each couple to give each other a goodbye kiss.

1940s Theme Party Invitation Ideas #4: Movie posters make great front covers for your invitations. The graphic for them can be found by visiting a couple movie poster websites and ‘nabbing’ the image by either right click/cutting and pasting or by right clicking/Save Picture As.

1940s Theme Party Invitation Ideas #5: Grab the famous image of Uncle Sam pointing his finger out saying WE WANT YOU! (to come to the party, of course…)

1940s Theme Party Invitation Ideas #6: Disguise the invitation like a draft letter from the US military. Explain that their ‘number has been called’ at they must report to the Davis Home Military Base (for example, or wherever your party will be held) immediately!


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