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4th of July Bingo Set - Downloadable!







Play 4th of July Bingo - American Independence Style!!!

While you're waiting for those Brats to finish cooking, consider trying some of these American Independence themed Bingo variations for something fresh and fun this year!!! Something EVERYONE can play!

ATTENTION: It's HIGHLY advised that when playing Bingo you use a set that is TESTED! What does that mean? Well, when creating Bingo cards on random generators the generators doesn't consider combinations from previous cards, resulting in a likelihood that you'll have more than one winner in a single round. NOTHING kills the excitement of getting Bingo like hearing BINGO from someone else! Here's a link to a downloadable Bingo set that has been tested for all common Bingo goals (and also includes some Revolutionary War scavenger hunt lists and even a treasure hunt!) - CLICK HERE

American Independence Bingo Variation #1: American Revolution Frigate (Battleship) Bingo

Thanks to the help from the French and Spanish, much of the American Revolution was fought at sea in the Atlantic. There are a couple of different ways to play American Revolution Frigate Bingo, but the basic premise is the same. Before the game begins, each player is to take a special marker (that is collected BEFORE the first space is called so that everyone commits to it before the round begins) and circle three spaces in a row anywhere on their game boards. Just like in the actual game of Battleship, this becomes their ‘battleship’ or frigate that they are trying to sink. The winner is the person who gets all three spaces called during that round. Getting other spaces outside this battleship trio doesn’t count towards a victory.

Variations on American Revolution Frigate Bingo include allowing for each player to have other ships on the board (the tug boat which is two spaces, the carrier which is four spaces, etc.) Perhaps they need to sink them all or any one of them to win – it’s up to you.

Additionally you might use this version to provide for a special prize during the Bingo round. For example, have every player mark their battleship on their boards as described above. However, just play regular Bingo instead. Should someone sink their battleship, they may not have won Bingo yet but they might get a special prize just for sinking their battleship!

American Independence Bingo Variation #2: Hang the Traitor Bingo (Hangman)

There was no short of traitors on both sides of the American Revolution. Traitors were typically why not play some Hang the Traitor Bingo. This version is best played with fewer participants, although it can still be played for larger groups. The basic premise is this, incorporating the game of Word Hangman into your round of Bingo. Begin by setting up a game of Hangman on a dry erase board, large drawing pad or any other surface that can be seen by all players. Have the word dashes in place for standard Hangman game play. Set the goal for the round (what the players are trying to achieve) and begin by calling out the first call space. Each player that does NOT have that space on their board raises his hand. They are each allowed to guess a letter in the hangman word. If everyone has that call space on their boards, then simply move on to the next draw.

There are several different ways to use Hangman Bingo for the
rest of game play:

• Allow the players only one guess at the word(s) on the Hangman board during the round…and ONLY one, so they’ll use their opportunity wisely.
• Allow only the winner of the Bingo round to guess the word(s) for a Bonus prize.
• Allow for NO winners of the Bingo round if the man is ‘hung’ before a Bingo winner is reached.

American Independence Bingo Variation #3: Choose Your Side Bingo
  The American Revolution nearly tore the country apart from within as it pitted neighbor against neighbor. Some sided with the Torries while others fought for the Continental Army. This version represents that need to choose a side in the war. The game is set up the same as the traditional version, setting a goal for everyone to get on their own Bingo boards.
However, in Choose Your Side Bingo you’ll draw TWO at a time. With each pair, the players will have two chances to get a match to their board. If they have BOTH on their boards, something that they do not want, they’ll need to CHOOSE which one they want to count, knowing the un-chosen one will become a ‘dead’ space on their board.

As you draw the call spaces, be sure to lay them out in pairs. When someone calls out Bingo, be sure that they didn't use two spaces in the same pair to make up their Bingo goal
(essentially cheating, whether intentional or inadvertently.)

Downlad a 4th of July themed Bingo set now - CLICK HERE !


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