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Circus Theme Party Decorating Ideas

Circus Theme Party Decorating Ideas #1: Make a ticket booth out of a refrigerator box – place it near the front door. You can cut an open hole and have a child welcome guests. Either have a sign saying “free today” – or you can mail the ticket with the invitation as their entry pass.

Circus Theme Party Decorating Ideas #2: Make an indoor tent. Swags of bright colored fabric hanging from the ceiling can create the feeling of a tent. You want to hang the fabric in a spoke fashion with all swags meeting in the center. Or, if you have particularly long yardage, you can hang the fabric from one end of the area to the other end and tack up the center. If you can’t reach the ceiling, you can hang the fabric from high points in your facility. The great thing about this is that the fabric can cover a large area very easily. Be sure to use bright, fun colors (red and white stripes are very “circus” – solid red would be a great second choice.)

Circus Theme Party Decorating Ideas #3: Here’s a neat, inexpensive trick for making stand-up wall structures. Use PVC piping and joints. They make the joints in several different shapes that should suit whatever corner ‘need’ you might have. Once the structure is assembled, you’ll need to take some packaging or stronger tape and heavy duty secure every location where there is a joint. If you have a particularly long wall (longer than 6’-7’) you will want to securely tape a vertical pipe in the middle to keep the top pipe from sagging. Once the tape is in place, you have a great wall structure (make L, Z or U shaped structures.) For carnival booths, simply create a cube with the same materials.  

Circus Theme Party Decorating Ideas #4: Toss loose straw about on the floor for a home-town circus feeling

Circus Theme Party Decorating Ideas #5: Give each guest a clown nose when they arrive. A little silly goes a long way to add to the circus feeling…especially when everyone looks around to see a ‘sea’ of red, clown noses!

Circus Theme Party Decorating Ideas #6: Hang fun side-show posters. You can either download images from the Internet or you can create your own. Have fun with them…utilize photos you have of some of the guests to create the members of the side show (the Bearded Lady, the Strong Man, the Siamese Twins, the World’s Tallest and Shortest man/woman, the Snake Lady, the Wolf Man, Sword Swallower, the Fire Breather, etc.) You can make a large paper banner sign, copy a picture of your friend, cut out his head and glue it to the body of the strong man on the poster.

Circus Theme Party Decorating Ideas #7: From your local library, check out children’s books about the circus, clowns, elephants, or anything else related to your party and stand them up on tables and shelves.

Circus Theme Party Decorating Ideas #8: Carnival prizes and tickets can be bought in bulk and strewn around your table and they can be the take home gifts, as well. Yo-yo’s, whistles, bird whistles, paper yo-yo’s, clappers.

Circus Theme Party Decorating Ideas #9: If a circus is coming to town – a real circus – they often have free flyers around town in various shops. If you pick up a stack of those, you can use them for decorations to make streamers, as coasters, placemats and so on.

Circus Theme Party Decorating Ideas #10: Have guests bring stuffed animals. Display them on the table as circus animals – or if you have enough animals in your own home, bring them out! You might want to hang them from a string with clothespins – out of reach of the children. One thing to consider – some children may ask to take one home. You may consider getting a number of small stuffed animals to give away at the end of the party.

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