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Circus Theme Party Games

Circus Theme Party Games #1: Take a room or other private area and make sure that none of the guests have access to it while someone hides a number of various circus party favor items (inexpensive consolation prizes, circus peanuts, candies, etc.) Explain to the guests that on your mark you will let them enter the room and collect as many items as they can. They get points based on what types of items they collect. For example: Wax lips are worth 1 point each (and are the easiest to find), the circus peanuts worth 3 points each (a little harder to find) and the small plastic circus animals 5 points each (not many of them and very hard to find.) Once all the items have been found, everyone adds up their points and a winner is determined. HINT: Make sure you know ahead of time how many of each kind of item is hidden so that you will know when to end the game.

Circus Theme Party Games #2: This is a “guess who it is” game – rather like a murder mystery game. Generate a list of circus character names with one small fact about each person. (e.g. Taloola the Tight Rope Walker was once shot from a cannon, and Ivan the Trapeze Artist hates clowns). Be sure you have enough names for the number of guests you anticipate at your event. Next choose which character will be “IT”. The players have to determine who is “IT” by the end of the evening based on announcements you make throughout the event. This isn’t as difficult as a murder mystery game, because you’ll actually GIVE the guests the answer through your announcements. The winner gets a small prize – or bragging rights.  

Circus Theme Party Games #3: You could come up with a “story” if you like: Who sabotaged the elephant tent, or who ate the lion’s dinner steak, who took the ringmaster’s whip…then the guests are trying to solve the mystery.

Circus Theme Party Games #4: One option is, you can give each guest a pre-printed list and pencil when they arrive. Then at various times throughout the night, you’ll announce a quality about the “IT” person that will let your guests cross names off their list. For instance, “This person has never been on the trapeze” – then everyone would cross the appropriate names off their list (such as Ivan in the example above). A half hour later, you might say “The person doesn’t work with animals” – then they would know to cross off the name(s) who had that detail. This is a casual game that can keep the party moving, without asking a lot from your guests. Another option: You can give each guest a name tag with a name and fact on it. They have a pencil and paper – or clown notepad? – and they have to mingle to get the starting list of characters and facts. Explain to your guests that as they meet and talk to each other they must write down the name and fact of each character in the room. Be sure to tell them how many guests are at the event, so that they know when they’ve found them all. Then proceed as in the first example, making announcements throughout the night. BE SURE THAT SOMEONE GETS THE “IT” NAME.

Circus Theme Party Games #5: Clown suit relay. Find some oversized, clown-type articles of clothing, ones that can be worn by the children. This can be facilitated in two different ways, both involving breaking the kids up into two different groups.

Place two piles of clothes way out, away from the teams. When you say GO, the first member of each team must race to their respective pile, put each article of clothing on until the judge by each has verified that each article of clothing is properly worn, then remove all the articles and return them to the suitcase. They are then to run back to their team and tap the hand of the next team member who must run to the pile and do the same. The team who has all their team members return first (having each worn the silly clothing) is the winner. If one team has more members than the other, then make sure that one of the members from the smaller team runs it twice. For added fun, make sure to include items of clothing that must be buttoned, snapped and zipped. Also, make a concerted effort to include similar clothing in the two piles.
A variation on the above is to split each team into two halves. Each half faces each other a good distance away. When you say go, the first team member from each team on ONE of the sides must put on all their articles of clothing. Once the judge has verified that all the buttons are buttoned and all the snaps are snapped, the team member must run to the team members on the other side and remove the articles of clothing so that the next team member can begin to put on the silly clothes. Once all of the clothing is on and verified by the judge on that side, the team member runs across and repeats the action. This can be hilarious to watch the children run with the funny articles of clothing you may have chosen – especially if you’ve chosen to include some oversized shoes. This game could easily be adapted for outgoing adults who love to laugh at themselves and have a good time!

Circus Theme Party Games #6: Bean bag toss – other person tries to catch in oversized pants. This is a fun game involving one participant in a two-man team wearing a VERY oversized pair of pants (check your local thrift stores.) The wilder the pair of pants, the better. The person wearing the pants (the pants should be large enough so that they can keep their regular clothes on underneath) will stand a designated distance from their partner (making sure that the distances between the all of the pairs are equal.) Their partner will attempt to throw items you provide so that the pants-wearer can hold out the front of their pants to catch the item inside. One point is awarded for each successful catch. Make sure that the items thrown are soft in the event of misses. Stuffed animals work great for this game. To add to the difficulty, increase the distance between the two team members and provide OVERSIZED shoes to the person wearing the pants (making it difficult to run for some of the poorer throws.)

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