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Dickens A Christmas Carol Theme Party Food Ideas

A nice sit-down meal can be perfect for your Dickens’ Christmas Carol theme party. Sometimes, though, you’ll want a few extra ideas to really bring the spirit and theme alive so that your party guests can truly experience Dickens’ world. Here are some fun ideas to incorporate more of the story into your food choices.

When Scrooge was encountered by Marley, he doubted his senses. He told Marley that the easiest of foods can change the senses – they food items that Dickens uses in the Scrooge’s quote are: Beef, mustard, cheese, potato, and gravy. For those ‘Scrooge Experts’ in the room you can leave a plate of these items in the room and see if someone can tell you what the items have in common. Otherwise, a quote from the movie by the plate would work for your average party guest.

When serving the dessert to your guests, make sure that the head of the house gets the first taste of it. He/She must inform the guests of the overall success of the dessert (which obviously will be positive.) Then, the rest of the guests can be served.

Have a plate with some cheese and bread – what Scrooge wa always eating while waiting for Marley

An elegant and appropriate table decoration is a nice string of strung cranberries. This can look especially nice encircling the fruit punch bowl or the edges of the table itself.

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