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Dickens' Christmas Carol Theme Party Ideas!!!

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Dickens A Christmas Carol Theme Party Invitation Ideas

Start your Dicken’s Christmas Carol theme party off right with party invitations that will get your guests in the spirit of theme the moment they receive them. Here some ideas to do just that…

Create a party invitation from Fezziwig himself! Have all of the usual party details on the inside, but use parchment paper and an old font for the outside. For added fun, you might even consider rolling up the parchment paper into a scroll and tying them closed with a black ribbon. To go one step even further (and to REALLY impress your guests) use a wax sealer to seal the invitation with the letter F for Fezziwig. (Wax sealers can be ordered online or purchased from your local stationary store.) Before you use the wax sealer for the first time, practice a couple of time on a scrap piece of the SAME paper you are using for your invitations. Different papers handle the wax differently – some will cause the wax to stick more than others.  

Insert your invitation into a small gift bag or wrapped present with a tag that says “To: (Your party attendee)….From: Ebenezer Scrooge.” Not only will it look specialyou’re your party guests, but they’ll have fun opening their gifts to get the invitation! If you are having trouble finding small boxes to wrap the presents in, try using dry goods boxes (i.e. Rice a Roni, Macaroni and Cheese, etc.) – covering the boxes first with paper or paint to disguise the food origin of the box.

  Use ribbon as a party invitation! Using a fabric marker and write your party information on a wide ribbon. Wind the ribbon around a pencil or dowel rod and tie it “closed” with a small string or smaller ribbon. An alternative to wrapping the ribbon around a dowel or pencil to wrap a small ‘present’ with the ribbon. There doesn’t need to be anything INSIDE the wrapping (i.e. consider using a cut piece of 2×4 wood) – just the wrapping for the ribbon to tie around.
Decorate your party invitation as a small bag of chestnuts! Small bags can be purchased at most craft stores. If you have trouble finding them, consider purchasing standard paper lunch sacks and cutting them down to side to reduce the ‘bulkiness’ unless you plan on filling the bag with chestnuts (but that can get expensive very quickly.) Once you have your bags, you can either write the party invitation directly on the bags or you can insert the invitation INTO the bag itself with the chestnuts.  

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