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A COMPLETE DOWNLOADABLE Farm and Barnyard themed Bingo Game Set!
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A COMPLETE DOWNLOADABLE Farm and Barnyard themed Bingo Game Set!
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Farm and Barnyard Theme Party Decorating Ideas

Bandanas make for great decorations and can be used in a variety of ways. They don’t cost much (especially when you order them by the dozen from a party supplier (see below.) However, if you’re handy with a sewing machine, you’ll probably find the easiest (and least expensive route) is to make your own from bandana print fabric. For best deals on fabric, check your local fabric store for when their fabric sales are…PLUS, don’t forget about those monthly Joann’s coupons that come in the mail for those that are on their mailing list (40% off a single non-sale item.)

Bundles of corn stalks can be purchased from your local farmers market (during certain times of the year) and can look GREAT at the entrance to your party. Simply flank both sides of your doorway with a trio of stalks and you’ll give the feeling of heading out to the field!

The traditional red and white checkered tablecloths are the way to go…but you don’t need to stop there. Once again, visit your local fabric store and pick up some red and white checkered material and make some nice table placemats, napkins and ribbons for general decorating.

For a table centerpiece, any number of items can be used - make an effort to use any vegetables that are in season. All of the colors from a variety of fresh vegetables will be all you need for a festive table look. Other items to consider (for filler) are eggs, some hay and a couple glasses of milk!

Depending on the visual feel you are trying to achieve, you might also consider decorating with with burlap. Burlap can also be used to make some fake seed bags for decorating. Simply sew them into sacks and fill them with wadded up newspaper and tie it up at the end.

Scarecrows make for GREAT decorations. Dig out those old farm clothes and stuff away with newspaper or other used clothes. If you aren’t confident with your drawing skills enough to draw a face, go ahead and leave it off. When it comes to scarecrows, the face is nice, but not imperative. A strange looking face, though, will leave you wishing you left it blank.

Know anyone who has a farm or works on one? Ask them to borrow some of their tools. These look great at the entrance to your party or as part of the decorations you have planned for your party space.

For fun centerpieces or random decorating, place some hay in some shallow wicker baskets along with a few fresh eggs. They will look like little hen nests and are very effective farm decorations!

If you’re finding yourself shy on decorations (and a budget to go get some) consider purchasing some extra farm theme napkins. These are very inexpensive and when fully opened up can be used in a variety of ways to really fill your party space with the same party colors and prints you’ve already chosen!

For fun wall decorations, visit your local fabric store and pick up some cow print material, a couple of yards should do. Cut them into large, irregular shapes like cow hides. These look great hung up on walls. For a simpler use, they can also be used for ribbons, napkins or anything else in your decorating. The visual is great for taking your guests directly to the farm!

Ask around to family and friends for anyone that has cow, chicken, goat, horse, duck, pig, etc. stuffed animals (any animal that you’d find on a farm.) These look especially great arranged on your table as a fantastic centerpiece.

At the entrance to your party, place a large wheel barrow filled with gardening tools and a few wicker baskets filled with fruits and vegetables.

Decorate your front door like the door to a barn. Cover the door in red wrapping paper first (solid red paper.) Using white streamers, create the familiar Z on the door just like you’d find on a barn door. This technique looks great and would work on any door at your party space.

Purchase a bail of hay from your local garden center. Remove the strap and loosen the hay around a part of the yard or within a round, plastic kiddie pool (if you are concerned about the mess.) Put a limited number of silver dollar coins, plastic farm animals or whatever else you might want. Allow children (or adults, if the area is large enough) thirty seconds to search the hay for whatever you have hidden inside. If you've hidden coins, allow them to keep what they've found. If you've hidden small objects, allow them points for different items found. For larger groups, divide the guests into teams, combining their collective scores to determine a winning team.

Do your best to get your hands on some scrap wood (the older and more rotten, the better). Often times we can look on the sides of our own houses to find a few scraps left over from past projects. Remember, the more weather-worn, the better. This wood is perfect for creating great looking signs. You can either nail a few together or let them stand alone (depending on their sizes and your own uses). With black acrylic paint (or a wide, black, permanent marker) write the names of different locations on the farm (i.e. Silo, Farmhouse, Pigs, Barn, etc.) With these signs posted in the appropriate places, you can give easy directions as to the exact locations for each of the activities. Simple maps can also be created using the names on the signs. These signs can either be mounted into the ground, nailed to trees, or hung with rope to name only a few options. If you can't get your hands on any wood, cardboard from brown boxes would also work.

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