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Farm and Barnyard Theme Party Invitation Ideas

At gifts stores and stores like Papyrus you can find blank paper with actual seeds INSIDE the fibers of the paper. These are great for handwriting the information to the party. Once the party is over, instruct your guests to PLANT the invitations in the ground and flowers will grow in it’s place!

Different animal di-cuts can be a great and inexpensive option for simple party invitations. Simply write the information directly on the di-cut and mail them out. They also come in fruits and vegetable shapes.

Using a black marker, write all of the party information directly on a bandana! These are great fun to hand out and really let your guests know that you have a special party planned.

If your invitations will be hand delivered, consider placing the invite inside a farm straw hat. These are great to pass out!

For a very creative approach, consider visiting your local grocery store and pick up some actual dried corn husks (they are typically in the International/Hispanic foods section - used for making tamales.) These are fun to write the information on. These are great, too, because they are thin enough to be mailed. What a surprise your guests will get when they open the letter to find an actual corn husk as the party invitation!

For a fun alternative, mail a small package of vegetable seeds in every invitation envelope to accompany the invitation!

Fill small baggies with soil/dirt and have ‘bury’ the folded up invitation inside the dirt!

Fill the invitation envelopes with actual hay (a little bit should do the trick - VERY effective!)

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