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Spy Theme Party Games For Kids

Spy Theme Party Games For Kids #1: Take a room or other private area and make sure that none of the kids have access to it while someone hides several different spy items (sunglasses, passports, binoculars, etc.) Explain to the kids that on your mark you will let them enter the room and they are to collect as many items as they can. The fake money is worth 1 point each bill (the easiest to find), the sunglasses are worth 3 points each (a little harder to find) and the binoculars are worth 5 points each (not many of them and very hard to find.) Apply the method to hide a variety of different items in the room. Once all the items have been found, everyone adds up their points and a winner is determined. HINT: Make sure you know ahead of time how many of each kind of item is hidden so that you will know when to end the game.

Spy Theme Party Games For Kids #2: Allow the children to create their OWN secret identity. Have the children draw themselves in the disguise of their choice and include fun, but obscure facts about themselves. All of the drawings are then pinned up on the wall while each child tries to match the secret identity with a child at the party. The fewer the guests figure out who the secret identity really is, wins.

Spy Theme Party Games For Kids #3: Have a series of secret messages that need to be decoded placed throughout the party. This could also be incorporated into the menu and signs you might have posted. See the Secret Codes portion of the Miscellaneous Ideas section at the end of this packet for specific ideas for sample codes to use.


Spy Theme Party Games For Kids #4: Powers of Observation – There are several different fun variations of this game (detailed below.) They all involve beginning with a complicated visual set-up and allow the players to try and memorize as much as they can. Then the visual is taken away and the players try to recall as much as they can.

Set up a large display or different spy themed items (binoculars, etc.) You can either leave it like this…or you can also add a bunch of NON-spy items. When the players are asked to recall what they can, they are only allowed to write down the spy items (the others will be visual distractions!)
Let the players see the display, then, once the display is gone or they’ve left the room, ask specific questions (i.e. What color were the sunglasses?, etc.)
Have someone walk in with an elaborate disguise (this works best with a hodge-podge of items that might not normally go together.) Let the kids look at the person, then let them leave the room. The kids must recall what they saw. Here are some variations on this:
Have a few different volunteers come in at once, letting the players see everyone at the same time. Then, once they all leave, the recalling begins (either by answering questions or by recalling specific disguise items.)
The different volunteers can also come in one at a time – applying the ideas above.

FOR OLDER KIDS – DON’T LET THEM KNOW THEY ARE INITIALLY PLAYING A GAME! Stage an argument or something fun between two people in the room when everyone is present. Make sure that it lasts for at least 15 seconds. Then, once the characters leave, tell them that their powers of observation are about to be tested. This way, they’ll be tested on the NATURAL powers of observation. This can also be done with the display items originally described in this game detail, it’s just not as dramatic as having a small scene set up between a couple of characters!

Spy Theme Party Games For Kids #5: Have a regular balloon toss, but use small black balloons – explain that the water balloons are actually grenades – the goal being to try and keep the grenades from exploding in your hands.

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