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Spy Theme Party Invitation Ideas

Spy Theme Party Invitation Ideas #1: Movie posters from different spy themed movies make great front covers for your invitations. The graphic for it can be found by visiting a couple movie poster websites and ‘nabbing’ the image by either right click/cutting and pasting or by right clicking/Save Picture As.

Spy Theme Party Invitation Ideas #2: In the invitations, don’t just invite them to a party…invite them to a Spy Training at The Farm, a Safe House, CIA Headquarters meeting at Langley, New Recruits Orientation. Get the adventure going from the get-go!

Spy Theme Party Invitation Ideas #3: Now living in an amazing technological age, you have a myriad of options for communication. Try putting the invitation in a WORD format document. Then (on the SAVE screen) click TOOLs, then GENERAL OPTIONS. In the bottom left corner there will be a box to type in a password. Choose one that will work. It will then ask you to repeat the password in a new box (don’t enter anything in the password box on the bottom RIGHT – that is for something else.) Now you have a password protected file/invitation! You can either email that to your invitees (offering the password to open it for another time…or providing the password in the body of your email.) You could also merely offer a clue as to what the password is – without just outright telling them. Rather than emailing the files, you could also burn the files on CDs and then mail them to your guests. They’ll get a big kick out of getting a blank CD. However, a note on this last suggestion…make sure that they know it is from you and that it is virus free. With all the viruses that float around our cyber-community, everyone is pretty wary of opening strange files.  

Spy Theme Party Invitation Ideas #4: Similar to the above, you could just print the party information ON THE CD itself. These can then be mailed (no case required since there isn’t any information to protect) to your guests. You can purchase CD labels at your local office supply store.

Spy Theme Party Invitation Ideas #5: In the invitations, give the invitee a secret pass phrase to say before they’ll be allowed to enter the party.

Spy Theme Party Invitation Ideas #6: Write the party information in code and provide a decoder key so that they can figure out your message. Kid’s especially love this!

Spy Theme Party Invitation Ideas #7: Either give each guest an alias or tell them that they must come to the event with one already prepared.

Spy Theme Party Invitation Ideas #8: Record someone’s voice with all the party information

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