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Tarzan Theme Party Invitation Ideas

Tarzan Theme Party Invitation Ideas #1: Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. For your invitations, consider writing your invitation on a rock with a black Sharpie marker. It will very much convey the rustic feel of the jungle. In the same you can use a small piece of wood or tree bark.

Tarzan Theme Party Invitation Ideas #2: Visit your local craft supply store and purchase some green foliage with large jungle leaves. Make sure that you end with enough leaves – what says a jungle more than lush green leaves so why not write all of your party information on them and use them as Tarzan party invitations!? They can be either handed our or folded and placed in envelopes to mail – an inexpensive and creative solution!

Tarzan Theme Party Invitation Ideas #3: Visit your local fabric store and use that handy 40% coupon that comes in the mail to purchase a single yard of leopard print fabric. Cut the fabric into interesting shapes and scraps to use as your invitations, writing all of the party information with a black Sharpie. As with the giant leaves, these can be handed delivered or folded and mailed. Other prints can be used like giraffe, etc., but remember that Tarzan originally wore a leopard print ‘outfit.’ Leather/pleather can also be used, but can be more expensive.

Tarzan Theme Party Invitation Ideas #4: For a fun alternative, write all of the party information on an actual banana. Make sure that the bananas are pretty green when you buy them so that they last a while. These are best given closer to the party date and can be a lot of fun to pass out to the party guests!

Tarzan Theme Party Invitation Ideas #5: If you are locked into a paper invitation because of the amount of information you need to communicate, consider options to still make it rustic. One way is to wrap the paper around an actual tree stick (found in your backyard, etc.) Use rustic twine to tie the paper to the stick, once it’s wrapped around.

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