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1940s Theme Party Ideas

Many look back on the 1940s and remember it as a romantic time where men and women were united in common goals filled with a spirit of true patriotism. Planning a 1940s theme party can sound like a lot of fun, but can be challenging to find resources for what exactly to do. We hope that these resources fit the bill!

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Downloadable 1940's Scavenger Hunt Lists!

A FULLY DESIGNED 1940's Hollywood Themed Adventure Hunt - Perfect for your party


1940s Movie Posters - Great for Decorations! from 123Posters

Count Basie 1939 Reproduction Concert PosterGlenn Miller 1939 Repro Concert PosterCasablanca PosterCitizen Kane PosterKissing on VJ Day PosterPearl Harbor Battleship Row PosterBogart - Three Drinks Behind PosterGene Krupa 1941 Repro Concert PosterDizzy Gillespie Royal Roost 1948 Reproduction Concert Poster