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Dickens' Christmas Carol Theme Party

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Dickens A Christmas Carol Theme Party Decorating Ideas

The thought of having a Dicken’s Christmas Carol themed Christmas party is such a romantic thought. But, unless you’re house is already decorated with a Victorian theme, it can be a bit challenging to pull off the right kind of look for the party without breaking the budget. Here some great ideas to help pull off the Dickens theme for a great Christmas party…

Have a door knocker on your front door? Print out an image of Jacob Marley’s face and tape it to the front of the door knocker! (Scrooge saw Marley’s face there in the story. (Due to movie copyright laws, no images of such can be provided in this download, however a simple search for Jacob Marley online should yield an ample supply of images to choose from.)

Visit your local library and check out all of the Christmas Carol versions you can get your hands on. These look GREAT for centerpieces! Prop them up in a half-opened fashion so that some of the pages fan open. If you’re having trouble getting your hands on enough books (because of the popularity of the books at this time of year), you can also you DVD covers (these are also great to ask around to friends and family for their copies as well.

Create a Jacob Marley themed Christmas Tree! Using black or dark grey construction paper, create paper chains to fully cover the tree in a haphazard way (NOT in the traditional evenly draped fashion.) Place small, grey painted boxes also on the tree. Additional things to consider are rolled up scrolls (eviction notices), accounting ledger sheets, quills (pens) and spider webbing. For a GREAT effect, string on ALL PURPLE lights (these can be ordered from online suppliers who sell Halloween items year round.) A tree like this looks GREAT at your front entrance!

For added table decorations, photocopy Christmas Carol pages and place them ALL throughout the party. These are fun for placing on plates, under cutlery/napkins, on Christmas trees as decorations, etc. You can even wrap up your cutlery in the pages!

As Scrooge was known for being stingy even with the coal for heating, small buckets of coal (broken charcoal briquettes work great for this) look great for centerpieces. To ‘soften’ the look, add a bright red bow around each. These small buckets could also make fun parting gifts, as well.

Don’t have a fireplace? MAKE one! Buy a few boxes at your local moving store and stack them in two pillars up against the wall (making up the two sides of the fireplace.) Cover the boxes (including the wall space in between the two pillars) with a brick patterned paper (or make your own with rectangle sponges/paint/butcher paper.) Once the two pillars are up against the wall, with the continuous paper wrapped from one end of the left pillar, around the three sides of the left pillar, across the ‘back’ of the fireplace (the wall separating the two pillars) then the three exposed sides of the right pillar, you have a great looking fireplace…all that’s left is the mantle. A standard wooden board(s) work fine for this. If you have a guard of sorts covering the front, you can also place lit candles on plates on the floor of the fireplace for the complete look! This looks AMAZING – we as a family actually came up with this idea early on in our marriage during a Christmas season when funds were a bit tight, to say the least. The structure was even strong enough to hang our stockings on and the kids LOVED it!

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Antiqued First Page of A Christmas Carol

Dickens' Christmas Carol Theme Party

Christmas Treasure Hunt Puzzles Package


Christmas Themed Bingo with Images


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