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Indiana Jones Theme Party Food Ideas

The Indiana Jones movies are known for wild and exotic aspects from different cultures from all over the world. Who could ever forget that scene from the Temple of Doom when the dinner guests were feasting on beetles and live snakes!? Well, although you may not want to go that far (or you may…) that doesn’t mean that you can’t throw in some fun and/or drama into your meal menu to help make the party more exciting!

If you’ll be serving cold drinks in glasses with ice, prepare your OWN ice in advance…with plastic spiders in them. It’s easy to do – simply buy some cheap plastic spiders (make sure that they are of a nice size or else your guests might not notice them) into the ice trays with the water before they freeze. You don’t even have to put a spider in every ice cube – just some. It’s a way to add some drama to your drinks!

Another ‘drink trick’ is to service a clear soda like Sprite or any other lemon lime flavor. In advance, make koolaid ice cubes (do what you can to make different flavors, though it’s not entirely necessary.) Offer these ice cubes in a separate bowl (or have someone walking around with tongs and a bowl of them) to drop one in each glass of lemon lime soda. The ice cube will melt, adding a slow flavoring of the koolaid as it goes. For those that want to go a bit further, make a small sign that says ‘Shark’s Blood’ next to the bowl to see who dares to take one!  

If you are using a punchbowl, this one is VERY dramatic…and even a bit creepy. Purchase a LARGE rubber snake (make sure to thoroughly clean it first.) Put the snake INSIDE the punchbowl…your guests will find themselves staring at the drink a bit before they dare to take some!

Indiana Jones was always looking for his Fortune and Glory – some idol or bit of historical treasure. Well, why don’t you allow your guests to find some treasure inside your dessert. Hide a plastic treasure or jewels and coins INSIDE the cake (they can be pushed into the cake after it cools but before it is frosted.) If you hide only one treasure in the cake it’s a great way to determine a winner or a volunteer for an activity or game later on in the party.

These are great for decorating just about any dessert. With a small tube of black cake icing, draw a small spider (with eight legs) and a body about the size of an M&M. The entire spider should be about the size of a quarter. Where the body is (where you’ve placed the small glob of frosting), place an actual M&M here (writing side down.) You are going to love how great these look (not to mention how easy they are to make.) These look great when they completely COVER a cake or a plate of cupcakes

You could even take this further by purchasing a bag of plastic bugs and spiders and make it look like they are coming right out of the cake. Begin by making a cake – it’s best to decorate it as nice as possible (you can even purchase one from your local grocery store.) This is especially effective when there is a high contrast between the nice cake the spiders! Begin by taking a fork and lift up a small portion of the top middle of the cake, making it look like something is coming out of the cake. Do not remove the excess cake, leave it laying on top. Now, begin by pushing a few spiders inside the whole, situated like they are emerging from the hole, pushing the cake upwards. Place spiders all over the cake in patterns leading AWAY from the hole so that it looks like there is an endless supply of spiders coming right out of the cake!

This is great for any age. Use all the techniques we grew up with building Christmas gingerbread houses to create an ancient temple! Both kids and adults will have fun constructing and decorating their mysterious structures. One thing this has over the Christmas homes is that it can actually look BETTER if the gingerbread pieces are irregular or even broken. These make great centerpieces, as running activities during the party or even as a contest among small groups of guests. If you turn this into a contest, make sure that every team is given the same amount of gingerbread pieces…

And, finally, it’s good to know that you can purchase actual alligator, octopus, buffalo and other exotic meat at large grocery stores. Yep, lion and bear, too. This can be a lot of fun, just be sensitive to your guests…or not…again, we’re talking Indiana Jones, right?

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