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Indiana Jones Theme Party Invitation Ideas

So, you’re throwing an Indiana Jones theme party and are excited to invite your friends and family to come. How do you express all of the excitement and fun that you have planned in your invitations? Here are some ideas that will help showcase some of the excitement and fun from the Indiana Jones movies – and will have your party guests eagerly looking forward to what you might have in store for them.

Indiana Jones traveled the world, speaking different languages and seeing amazing sites. You can reflect this aspect of the movies by making invitations from post cards. Post cards from around the world can be purchased online from any number of different resources. The cards won’t need envelopes to mail and you can even save on postage as you only pay for post card rates! When choosing your countries, try to select some of the more exotic ones like Sri Lanka or Peru. Either that, or make your invitations to LOOK like exotic postcards – utilizing exotic photos found on the Internet and printed out (for those that are handy with software applications like Photoshop.)  

Often times you’ll need to include the address to the party and even a small map. This is a perfect opportunity to incorporate the Indiana Jones theme by making the maps look old (you know, with the red line showing the travel directions, etc.) Your guests will instantly recognize the reference!

You can also include items with your invitations that will help set the mood. Some examples of this are fake passports, airline tickets or travel itineraries. Those who are handy with Photoshop can have a great time coming up with these so that your guests will feel like you are really going to be transporting them somewhere! For added fun you could even have a volunteer stationed at the door to check everyone’s passports or plane tickets before they are allowed to entered the party!

In your invitations, give each guest a specific title, career and area of specialized knowledge. (i.e. Dr. Bill Jones, Director of Antiquities for the New York Metropolitan Museum of Natural History, or Professor Eileen Wilmer, renowned Egyptologist, etc.) If you are especially clever with a computer (or know someone else who is…) you can even make ID badges of sorts for each to bring and wear to the party/event.

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