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Indiana Jones Theme Party Activities for Kids

Planning an Indiana Jones theme party and looking for some fun activity ideas that will engage your guests? The Indiana Jones movies were filmed all over the globe, so there are innumerable amounts of resources for party activities available. Here are some fun thoughts to consider as you plan.

Set up a craft table where the kids can decorate their own ancient coffins (shoeboxes work great for this.) Give them paper to cover the boxes, sticks, gold markers, construction paper, jewels, paint and other fun stuff to stick on their sarcophagi. Award a prize for the best as voted on by everyone else.

Suspend a narrow plank across the yard about 6 inches off the ground. Explain to the children that they must walk over hot molten lava. If a child’s foot touches the ground, everyone gets to ‘cool them off’ by squirting them with water pistols until they make it to the other side. HINT: Make sure that the children are a safe distance away from the plank walker so that no children will have water shot directly into their eyes.

This is a FANTASTIC activity! Gather enough boxes as needed for the number of guests that you are expecting to come to your party. You might want to consider three children per box. The boxes should be as large as you can get them (washer/dryer boxes are great, but large U-Haul boxes would also work.) Allow the children to create their own ancient temples. Once they are complete (if done at the beginning of the party) they’ll make great decorations for the rest of the party. Tips and ideas for the activity:  

* Before the guests arrive, either spray paint the boxes a flat tan or cover with black butcher paper (to give the kids a head start.)

* Allow the children to design the location of their ‘secret’ doors and windows FIRST, notifying an adult when finished so that the adult can cut them out with a packaging knife.

* Provide lots of fun items for the children to add to their temple (i.e. glitter, construction paper, scissors, glue, small rocks and sticks, jewels, plastic spiders, etc.) – anything and everything to let their imaginations run wild.

* Offer prizes for the most mysterious, most creative and/or most artistic.

* Although paints CAN be used, you’ll find that providing many different colors of construction paper is much easier to deal with than the paint.

Hide gold coins in the sand. Allow the kids to find as many pennies as they can within a certain time limit. For smaller children, arm them with a shovel and pale and let them dig at their own speed. For older children, give them large paint brushes – insisting that they use them as to not damage any ‘treasure’ they may unearth. Award different points for different objects found (skulls, bones, coins, pennies, plastic dinosaurs, etc.)

Create a maze of boxes (taping them to each other in a creative way) and call it The Forbidden Temple. This single activity will amuse most young children for hours on end. No kidding. For extra fun, make some of the walls with sliding doors, cut some windows, and make some dead ends. Hang green streamers on the inside making a jungle. Blue streamers draped down could be a waterfall. For further fun, hide a treasure or ancient idol somewhere in the caves. The kids will have a great time searching for it. Snakes and spiders (with the webs) also work great inside.

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