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Hawaiian Luau Theme Party Games for Kids

Adults can have a great time with a Hawaiian luau themed party just socializing and enjoying the great food associated with the theme. When younger children are present, it’s sometimes necessary to provide some fun games to keep them busy and excited about the party.

Beach Ball Craze – Have each Have each child write their names on a beach ball (for smaller children have an adult write them) with a permanent marker. Have the children decorate their balls as well, if you’d like. The game begins with all the children standing around a large sheet (the larger the better), each holding an edge (evenly space the children so that the whole sheet will come off the ground.) Then, place all the beach balls on the sheet. The children then flap their part of the sheet wildly, trying to pop off all the beach balls (with the exception of their own.) The last beach ball left on the sheet is the winner. This game could be repeated several times as sometimes (depending on the age and number of children) each round can go pretty quickly. A variation on this is to play successive games such that after the first ‘winner’ is determined, their beach ball is not a part of the successive rounds. Keep this going until there are only a few beach balls left to start a round. For smaller children, it isn’t advised to take it down to one…no one wants to feel like they were in last place or the only one ‘left out.’

Lawn Flamingo Ring Toss – This one hardly needs a lot of explanation, but it’s a fun variation on a traditional ring toss game with the flamingos. Keep in mind that if you are having multiple ages participate in the game that there are different lines to stand behind based on the individual ages of each participant (i.e. the older kids have to stand further away from the flamingos than the younger participants.)

Play Musical Islands. It’s similar to Musical Chairs, but with a twist. Cut out different islands from butcher paper or poster board. Then, place the islands haphazardly throughout the playing area, NOT IN A CIRCLE. Put some islands close together while some are far away from all the rest. Play some Hawaiian music and have the kids still walk in a circle. However, when the music stops, finding an open island is bit more challenging. For older kids, put a ‘2’ or ‘3’ on a couple of the larger islands signifying how many kids can occupy that particular island. You can also use Hula hoops to represent the islands.


Treasure Grotto Hunters – Create a small network of tunnels using boxes taped together. Make sure that you have two separate entrances into the labyrinth. Inside the boxes, put different Hawaiian or beach objects (such as two thongs, two pails, two leis, etc.) Have the children form two teams that will compete against each other in a relay race. Then, have the children form two lines some distance from the box caves. When you say go, the first child from each team runs in to find an object you call out. For instance, the first race you might say “Sun tan lotion, GO!” Then the first team member from each team must run inside the tunnels, looking for that object. First one to find the object and run back to their team earns a point. Then send the next two kids in looking for a different object. Kids really love this one…

Indoor Luau Treasure Seekers – This is a great game to play if the weather suddenly turns bad. Take a room or other private area and make sure that none of the kids have access to it while someone hides several different Hawaiian or beach items (soft drinks, bananas, plastic crabs, etc.). Explain to the kids that on your mark you will let them enter the room and they are to collect as many items as they can. The soft drinks (for example – this will depend on what types of items you choose) are worth 1 point each (the easiest to find), the bananas are worth 3 points each (a little harder to find) and the crabs are worth 5 points each (not many of them and very hard to find.) Once all the items have been found, everyone adds up their points and a winner is determined. HINT: Make sure you know ahead of time how many of each kind of item is hidden so that you will know when to end the game.

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