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Hawaiian Luau Theme Party Invitation Ideas

Looking forward to planning a great Hawaiian luau party? Let the party start with the invitations that you send out. Sure you could send out some preprinted card invitations that anyone can pick up at your local party store…but why not take the extra step get the fun started with some other creative Hawaiian luau invitation options!

Order some picturesque Hawaiian post cards (the ones that you send when you’re on vacation.) Write the party details on the post cards as though you’re having a great time on vacation and you ‘wish they were there.’ They are a lot of fun to receive and will set the ‘vacation’ tone right from the get go!

From Oriental Trading Company you can order very inexpensive small inflatable beach toys (the same material that plastic beach balls are made of.) Take a sharpie marker and write the instructions on the small inflatable toy. If your invitations will be handed out personally, be sure to blow them up first. If you’ll be mailing them, you’ll probably want to keep them uninflated for the sake of easy mailing.

Get your hand on some beach sand (from any number of local sources – you won’t need more than a couple of handfuls, depending on how many invitations you are planning on handing/sending out. Put some sand a few shells in plastic baggies along with a small piece of paper with the details of your Hawaiian luau party. These are great fun to hand out! Another option (if you have the budget) is to order those small clear plastic bottles from Oriental Trading Company and fill them with sand along with a rolled up paper with your party details.

Do you remember making those fan folded tissue paper flowers in grade school? They were the flowers where you take four or five sheets of tissue paper (approximately five inches wide) and fan fold them in a stack. Attach a pipe cleaner (or twist tie) to the center to bind it. Then, peal up each layer one at a time on both sides until a tropical flower is formed. Experiment with different color combinations. Once you have the flowers, take a marker and write the party details on the actual flower petals! They will be fun to hand out and great to receive!

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