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Hawaiian Luau Theme Party Food Ideas

A Hawaiian luau has somewhat of a built in menu right into the theme, but sometimes you’re looking for something fun that your guests won’t be expecting. Here are some simple ideas that are easy to implement while also creating a fun atmosphere for your party.

To add some drama to your drinks, try this trick. Provide your guests with any clear lemon/lime soda. Prepare in advance koolaid flavored ice cubes (making ice cubes of different flavors of koolaid in your regular ice cube trays.) Have a bowl set out on your table with these ice cubes for your guests to drop one in their clear drinks, flavoring it slowly as it chills their cub! Depending on your serving needs, you may need to keep some in the freezer at all times and bring out smaller batches of them the ice cubes as needed so that they don’t melt completely in the bowl. It’s a lot of fun to drop the colored ice cube in the soda and watch the fix in the color they chose!

Tropical punch is always red, right? It needs to be red, right? Well, surprise your guests with BLUE punch! Now, what’s the big deal about changing the color? Well, you’d be surprised how much it will change your food table to have a punch color that is different than what everyone is expecting – the blue is also a beautiful choice to reflect the colors of the ocean. Depending on how transparent your punch is, you can also put large sea shells INSIDE the punchbowl!

If you plan on making a cake, get your hand on some gummi fish beforehand. Before you frost your cake, push the gummi fish into different places within the cake. Yes, it will disrupt the surface of the cake a little, but when you frost the top it will all be covered up. These will be fun ‘finds’ when your guests eat their pieces of cake. This is especially effective if you decorate your cake with blue frosting and an ocean scene.


For a smaller cake, use a standard round cake and decorate/frost it like it’s someone’s face/head. Then, add read snorkel equipment to the cake (of course, washing it thoroughly first.) It will create a fun diver face!

Do you plan on creating a Hawaiian scene on top of your cake? Add some drama to it by including a couple of erupting volcanoes! Take a couple of brown sugar cones and break the point ends off the bottoms of them. Place them face done on your cake (narrow part up.) Now, you can pipe in some yellow and orange frosting into the cone and spewing out like a volcano that’s erupting!

A simple trick for turning plain colored party plates into tropical plates is to cut out a few shapes from construction paper in the shape of top and bottom fins as well as a fish tale. Tape these fins to the tops and bottom of each plate and the tales on the left sides. You’ll be surprised how it will change the look of your table to have of your plate-fish swimming about!

Get creative with your serving dishes, too! There are lots of options for thinking outside the box on this one. Visit your local toy store and pick up some cheap plastic beach pales – these are great for chips, popcorn and other snacks. For an amazing dip container, use a large clam shell or abalone shell! (These might have an unstable base, but a little Sculpey clay on the bottom in the right place will help stabilize it!)

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