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Medieval Theme Party Decorating Ideas

Castles and dragons…knights and chivalry. All exciting ideas for a theme party…but sometimes hard to pull off when we all have super busy lives and limited budgets. Still, there are ways to create that Medieval feel for your party…you just need the right ideas. We hope that these will help…

Do your best to get your hands on some scrap wood (the wood can be weathered or new, depending on your preference or what is available.) Often times we can look on the sides of our own houses to find a few scraps left over from past projects. This wood is perfect for creating great looking signs. You can either nail a few together or let them stand alone (depending on their sizes and your own uses). With black acrylic paint (or a wide, black, permanent marker) write the names of different structures in town (i.e. Livery Stable, Blacksmith, Falconers, Royal Bakery, Cathedral, Abbey, Armory, Leather Worker’s Guild (or any crafter’s guild for that matter), Butchery, etc.) By placing these strategically around your event, you can easily create a small town (with the help of other mentioned decorations, as well). With these signs posted in the appropriate places, you can give easy directions as to the exact locations for each of the activities. Simple maps can also be created using the names on the signs. These signs can either be mounted into the ground, nailed to trees, or hung with rope to name only a few options. If you can’t get your hands on any wood, cardboard from brown boxes would also work.

Create Wanted Posters for forest or road bandits (similar to ones seen for Robin Hood.) Many graphic software packages have built in templates for creating these, so ask around with some of your friends to see what they have (to save a purchase – not that these cannot be created from scratch…but why reinvent the wheel?) Include bandit’s name, crime and the reward for ‘bringing them in’ (paying attention to use the currency of the realm – shillings, pounds, crowns, etc.) As added fun, use photos of some of the guests at the party or event on the posters. Have fun coming up with fun crimes (or serious…) they might have committed.

Know anyone with a pet frog? Put it out for all to see with a sign saying “Instant Prince. Price – One Kiss”


Shields can be made easily using sturdy cardboard (either from large boxes or sheets of cardboard found behind large warehouse stores such as Costco). Shields come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are great for filling large spaces. Check out some heraldry sites on the Internet and you’ll see several to choose from. You can either choose to create different ones, or multiples of the same. There are advantages for both: All different can be nice to look at but will take a lot time and creativity while all the same you can assembly-line and make the room look more consistent. Once cut out, the easiest way to decorate them is to spray paint them a solid color first. Then, tempura or poster paints can be used to decorate the covers. Construction paper can be cut into shapes and glued on as well (this works better for those larger, solid shapes like stripes and checkered boxes.) Wrapping paper is also a great resource for cutting out giant shield shapes.

Create giant dragon eggs. Blow up a standard 9” balloon (or larger if you are ambitious.) Fill it with air until full, just before it starts to grow that protruding bulge. You want that perfect egg shape. Using glue and small pieces of white tissue paper, apply layers of tissue paper and glue (at least 3 or 4) allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. Once the egg is dry paint the egg an cream or off-white (the balloon can be hung by it’s tie-tip while being spray painted.) Be sure to cut the tie-tip before presenting. For added fun, you can stick a pin inside to pop the balloon. What you’ll have is a hollow shell. Cut a slit into the egg and hide a scroll note inside. Roll the note NOT tightly such that once the note is completely inside it will unravel to expand to the edges of the egg. Seal the slit and then paint. Your guests will wonder how you got the note inside that egg!

Create giant hanging banners from wrapping paper – a great way to fill large spaces! Many stores have large rolls hanging on the walls where customers pay by the foot. Cut some bright colors, long enough for your walls. The rolls are typically three feet wide. Cut the long pieces into two equal foot and a half strips. Snip the bottom like an inverted v and voila – you have great looking hanging banners. These banners can also be jazzed up using a simple decoration such as an occasional stripe, etc. This same process can be done with fabric which would look much more elegant, but is more costly and time consuming. If you are that ambitious…go for it!

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