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Medieval Theme Party Invitation Ideas

If you’ve spent any amount of time planning your Medieval themed party then you’ll want your guests to come excited. Sending out just the right kind of invitations can do the trick. Here are some creative ideas to send the expected to your party guests.

There are multiple different materials that you can use to write your invitations on. There isn’t anywhere in the ‘rulebook’ that says it has to be on paper. For a true Medieval feel, try checking out local fabric store (or use one of the great 40% coupons at Joann’s) and find a great fabric. You can either find a fabric that has a Medieval print or find one that is more rustic that might have been USED during Medieval times. Take a black sharpie marker and write the party details on the ‘white’ side of the fabric (if there is one) and roll it up in a tube and tie it off with twine. Your party guests will know right from the get go that your party will be an event that they won’t easily want to miss!  

If you want to go the more traditional route of printing the your invitations on paper, get creative with the types of paper and with how you tie it off. You can find so many different types of parchment papers at your local paper store. When it comes to tying it closed (after rolling it), consider visiting the ribbon department of your local craft store to find a great match for the look your hoping to achieve. Torn fabric stripe and rough twine would also work.

Finer stationary stores sell elegant sealing wax along with a myriad of different seals. You can either choose a letter for the last name of the host/hostess or of the royal family attending (whomever will be playing your King or Queen.) Additionally, they designs such as regal lions and medieval shields. Before sealing your first envelope, you might want to practice first on a piece of paper – sometimes the drip of wax takes with it a small flame (which you should be ready to blow out immediately.) Also, make sure that your invitation fold is securely flat so that the seal can take (don’t let the flap come up even a little or the wax won’t seal the invitation.

If you’re going for a more ‘fun’ feel, order some paper crowns from a supplier such as Oriental Trading Company. They are super inexpensive. Write your party details on the inside of the crown and hand them out already assembled!

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