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Medieval Theme Party Food Ideas

Sometimes planning the food for a Medieval themed party is simple…just make sure that everyone eats with their fingers. However, sometimes you’re looking for those extra fun ideas to make it more exciting for your guests. We hope you find a few of those here…

For a dynamic, but simple cake design, create a map of the Kingdom atop the cake. Hide coins or jewels INSIDE the cake. This is done best by pushing small favors into the cake BEFORE it is frosted. Smoothed over frosting will cover any blemished atop the cake.

Here’s a handy trick for decorating cakes or other desserts. The M&M company now offers their bite sized chocolates in any number of flavors such as black, white and gray. These are great to stick to the sides of your cake to make it look like the walls of a castle. Place these candies all over the edge of the cake in a cobblestone fashion (making sure the top row is uneven). The effect will be an old stone wall that is crumbling and looks great!

A simple a fun idea is to serve the food on pie tins instead of plates


Before the punch is served, have someone come out (preferably in a wizard’s costume) with a bottle (the neatest one you can find) that is filled with water. Put a label on it and mark it ‘Dragon’s Tears’ – which are to offer the drinker extended youth. Pour some of the water into the punch and give it a stir. Depending on the color of the punch, you can color the water (however, don’t mix complementary colors – yellow/purple, red/green or blue/orange – as they will create a brownish color with mixed together – unless you want a brown color, that is…)

For the quick and simple cake, make a square or rectangle cake with chocolate frosting. Buy one life sized plastic sword. Cut the sword about eight inches from the hilt such that when stuck into the cake, enough would be visible on top to resemble The Sword in the Stone.

If serving bread, buy a large loaf and cut in yourself or, better yet, allow your guests to either rip apart their own bread or (for the more daring) allow them to rip pieces off of a larger loaf to put on their plates.

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