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Wizard of Oz Bingo Game Variations

Bingo is a great game for all ages and with these unique Bingo game variations, you'll be able to accentuate your Wizard of Oz theme for your party guests!

Wizard of Oz Bingo Variation #1: Wizard of Oz Trivia Bingo

In Wizard of Oz Trivia Bingo, there are actually two parts to the game round. The first round begins with a sheet of trivia questions. Each player is to try and answer as many questions about the Wizard of Oz correctly as they can. Make sure to have at least enough questions on the sheet to allow for a winner (as described below). All of the trivia sheets will then be ‘graded’ and each player is given a number score based on how many questions they correctly answered. This number will represent HOW MANY spaces that are called they can use on their boards. For example, if I correctly answered 15 questions on the trivia sheet, then I have the opportunity to mark ONLY the first 15 spaces that are called out. If I don’t get Bingo (based on whatever the goal is for that round) BEFORE the 16th space is called, I can’t win. If the 16th call would have given me Bingo, I DO NOT win because I did not earn enough call spaces during the trivia round. NOTE: It’s best to make some of the questions easy so that everyone will get to play at least a small portion of the Bingo game itself and enough spaces will be called to achieve a winner. As a way of shortening the trivia portion, you can award TWO call spaces for every correct trivia question answered (or more.)

Wizard of Oz Bingo Variation #2: The Wicked Witch vs. Dorothy Bingo

The Wicked Witch vs. Dorothy Bingo is a simple variation, but is exciting none-the-less. At it’s base it involves allowing each player to have two game boards to play with at once, rather than just one. One is labeled as The Wicked Witch and the other as Dorothy (the player able to choose which is which.) The goal is to get Bingo on the Dorothy board BEFORE they get Bingo on the Witch board. If their Witch board gets Bingo first, they are out of the game. A variation on this is to label one as the Scarecrow and the other as The Tin Man. In that version BOTH cards must have Bingo in order for the player to win.

Wizard of Oz Bingo Variation #3: Back To Kansas Bingo

In Back to Kansas Bingo, the goal is to...well...get back to Kansas. To play, before the round begins, have each player mark on their board one space with a house on it (simply drawn with a pen - as long as it is clearly marked.) This space now becomes their 'Kansas.' Then, play Bingo as you normally would. When a player's Kansas space is called out, they are to stand and say loudly "There's no place like home!". At this time, you must go to their board to verify their board and specially mark it (so it can't be called again later.). They ALSO get to choose another space (or more than one if you choose based on the goal of the round) to mark out. If they forget to call out (or don't feel courageous enough) "There's no place like home!" when their space is called, they cannot claim it later. Everyone, of course, will want their Kansas space called towards the end so that they can use their extra free space of their choice to win the game!

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