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Wizard of Oz Theme Party Decorations

A Wizard of Oz theme has many aspects, characters and locations that it can be difficult sometimes to know where to start. Here are some creative thoughts bring the story to life for your party guests.

Wizard of Oz Party Decorations Idea #1: Before you begin incorporating all of your decorating ideas, consider a PROGRESSION for your party decorations. Depending on your party space, you might be able to incorporate a natural story progression of your party decorations in the order of the story. For example, you might consider some "Kansas" themed items on the outside of your party space/home, leading into a space where they pass through the land of the Munchkins, then past a corn field, apple trees, some poppies then finally end up at the Emerald City (perhaps your party table with all the delicious food.)

Wizard of Oz Party Decorations Idea #2: On the outside of your home (assuming your party is held in a home) put a few props that would suggest that your guests are walking into "Uncle Henry and Auntie Em's" home such as a sign saying "Gail Residence." Also consider items such as a scrap wood simulating the tornadoes pressence or other items that would place your guests on a farm. At the threshold to your front door, have the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" playing - what Dorothy was singing on the farm at the beginning of the movie.

Wizard of Oz Party Decorations Idea #3: Of course you need to have some type of yellow brick road. There are numerous ways to make one, depending on the amount of time you have and budget permitting. There are several different materials that can be used including yellow wrapping paper, yellow plastic table runners (found at your local party supply stores), and even cheap yellow fabric (using your all-mighty Joann's coupon.) Although it can be enough to simply lay out the band of yellow to simulate the road, to give it a more 'road' feel, consider picking up a cheap sponge at the dollar store and dipping it in brown paint. About every 3-4 feet, stamp a brown brick. Make sure that the bricks are somewhat uniform so that it will look like a road was actually built verses a pile of bricks haphazardly dropped on the road. You can also mix your own color of paint if you want a more yellowish color which can look better, but would take more paint and time (if you have both.)

Wizard of Oz Party Decorations Idea #4: Typically the model for a Wizard of Oz party is the old Judy Garland movie. The design production of the movie was a very different aesthetic than today. Oz almost had a 'plastic' look to it, especially in the land of the Munchkins. To achieve that look at your party space, consider a lot of colored plastic wrap used in different ways (the kind that is used to wrap Christmas cookies, etc.) Wrapping different items in that will not only give the look of Oz, but he FEEL of it as well. This, of course, would also work great if you're trying to build an Emerald City feel, as well.

Wizard of Oz Party Decorations Idea #5: Do what you can to get your hands on a few TV's and laptops (the latter if you have to.) The TV's don't have to be large screen. From your local library, check out all of their Wizard of Oz movies that you can (there are multiple versions including cartoons versions.) Have these screens spread throughout your party space playing the movies. There are several ways to incorporate this idea. You can have them all set to the same (relative) scene so that your guests can watch the movie no matter what room they are in. Have them all set to different scenes if you like, giving more of a hodge-podge feel. If you can swing it, though (and are good with some video editing) make different snippits from the movie and place them appropriately within your party space. For example, you might consider looping the whole Kansas portion of the movie just outside the entrance to your party, or the Emerald City portion looping on a TV right by your goodies table that you have all decorated in green. Keep in mind that the sound does NOT need to be turned on - just use the images as decorations!

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