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Wizard of Oz Bingo Party Invitation Ideas

The Land of Oz is such a magical place - which why, we're sure, you've picked it as your theme. Remind your party guests of how magical it is right from the get-go in HOW you invite your guests to your party. Don't be afraid to think outside the box...or at least outside of Kansas.

Wizard of Oz Party Invitation Idea #1: Know anyone with some left over bricks from a patio job? Spray paint them yellow/gold and hand write the party information on them with a black sharpie marker. True, you won't be able to mail them without spending a small fortune...but if you're able to hand deliver them, you'll REALLY impress your party guests and will ensure that every one of them will do what they need to do to make it!

Wizard of Oz Party Invitation Idea #2: For a simple but 'dazzling' solution, consider purchasing a few sheets of glitter paper from your local craft store. These can be cut into simple rectangles, writing the party information on the back sides of the cards. You can choose sparkling green for the Emerald City, shimmering gold for the yellow brick road, or ruby red for Dorothy's ruby slippers.

Wizard of Oz Party Invitation Idea #3: Create Glinda bubble-gram invitations. Every major city as a 'Christmas Store.' Purchase a box of the clear Christmas bulbs. The tops will come off and they are big enough to insert a semi-rolled up piece of paper. Print out images of Glinda's face (small enough to fit inside the bulbs) and on the backs write the details for your party. Depending on the brand of bulbs you buy, you might need tweezers to help you insert the paper into the clear bulbs. As an added tip, do NOT roll the papers tightly lest they won't 'unroll' once inside. In fact, do not roll the paper until the last second to ensure that there isn't any 'memory' in the paper of the roll and it will snap open once dropped inside. Depending on the shape of the topper, you might also opt to not replace it - handing out your Glinda bubble invitations as is.

Wizard of Oz Party Invitation Idea #4: From your local craft store (once again, utilizing those glorious Joann's or Hobby Lobby coupons) purchase some inexpensive poppies from their floral department, cutting the stems one flower each. Write out your party details on small index cards and attach one to each of your poppie stems - ready to be passed out.

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