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Prehistoric Dinosaur Theme Party Invitation Ideas

Prehistoric Dinosaur Theme Party Invitation Ideas #1: Disguise your invitations as requests to test out a new time machine. This is especially effective if using the Time Machine entrance idea found in the Decorations section.

Prehistoric Dinosaur Theme Party Invitation Ideas #2: Once you have your paper/invitation, you can take things a step further. Try treating the envelope. Try burning a corner off the envelope for an aged, rustic look.

Prehistoric Dinosaur Theme Party Invitation Ideas #3: In your invitation, invite everyone to your cave. Explain that you’ll have such festivities as a warm fire and you’ll have a guest speaker that will be talking about his new invention…the wheel!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Theme Party Invitation Ideas #4: Put invitations inside dinosaur eggs! Use plastic Easter eggs (if you don’t have any from last year’s holiday, you can always order them cheaply online in a variety of sizes…the larger the better!) For a more ‘dino-look’, use a black Sharpie marker to decorate the eggs with small dots. For added fun, you could also insert small items along with the invitation such as dinosaur tattoos/stickers or plastic dinosaurs.


Prehistoric Dinosaur Theme Party Invitation Ideas #5: Wrap your invitation around a stick - like a scroll. Write out your invitation on a sheet of paper with a width about an inch smaller than the length of your stick (if you have a 6-inch stick, use an 5-inch wide piece of paper) Tape one end of the invitation to the stick and wrap the paper tightly around the stick. Secure the invitation with a rubber band. Take a brown or tan strip of construction paper (narrower than your invitation, but long enough to wrap around the invitation a few times) and wrap it around the middle of the invitation, securing with glue. Put a second rubber band around this strap until the glue dries. Once the glue is dried, remove the two rubber bands and the invitation is ready to deliver! You could use a dowel cut into small pieces, sticks you find in the park or yard, or even toilet paper tubes. Course twine can also be used to bind the scroll around your stick.

Prehistoric Dinosaur Theme Party Invitation Ideas #6: Write the details of the party on a piece of old wood. Ask family or friends if they have scrap wood lying around. A black permanent marker should do the trick. You may have to write large to be legible –it depends on the quality of the wood and the surface texture. At least write the date and time and your phone number…if you hand deliver the invite, your guests should be able to remember who invited them!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Theme Party Invitation Ideas #7: Write part of your invitation in a secret ‘tribal code’ writing. You can create your own or use a font downloaded from online (try doing a search for the “Ewok font”) If you download this font to your computer, you can write whatever you want with a regular font (so that all of the details are correct.) Then, once you’re done, just change the font and voila…you have a great message that can be decoded by your party guests. Be sure to include the A-Z translator code, though

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