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Western Theme Party Decorating Ideas

An Old West theme party is probably one of the most chosen themes for a theme party. It can be easiest to decorate and to come in costume for. Trying to come up with ideas that perhaps your guests haven’t previously experienced, though, can be the challenge when planning a party with a western theme. Here are some decorating ideas that can help.

Large events and parties during the American 1800’s were often decorated with a lot of red/white/blue ribbons and swags. Large bows were hung on lights/street lamps and hitching posts. These were especially prominent when politicians would come to speak before elections. TIP: See visiting politician idea in Special Things To Happen section.

As an alternative to the above (and a little easier to get a hold of) try landing some wooden crates. If you don’t have to return them, paint things on them such as “TNT” or “Wells Fargo.” These look great when stacked alongside some seed/feed bags (see next idea).

Seed/feed bags. Using large pieces of rough burlap (purchased very inexpensively at any army surplus store), sew together large sacks, about the size that would hold a 25” television set. Before completely sewing, stuff with crumpled newspaper to pack full. Once sewed up, in the corners, use rubber bands to bind the tips about four inches from the tips creating four, small ‘rabbit ears.’ These are very light weight and look great around crates (see above) and barrels. Paint the words “Flour” and “Sugar” on them and they would look great around the food or buffet tables.


See what kind of rope you might have in your garage (or friends’ garages…) – the dirtier and more worn, the better. These look great hanging in a coiled fashion. HINT: When asking around for rope, be careful of what you ask for….a lot of people have that bright yellow, coarse rope…not exactly the right look…. Create a hangman’s noose (go to the library and check out a book on knots if you are having trouble with it). This looks great hanging from a large tree branch. If you can’t find rope (or do not want to spend the money on it) you can also purchase very inexpensively rope-like twine. This will work as well, if only used for decoration. Coil up about 10-15 feet of it in separate rings and hang appropriately.

Create a small tent site. Using common camping gear, set up a small site with a stone fire ring, hanging long-john underwear, a metal pot on the fire – the works. If you know of someone fun enough, you might even want to set a prospector down at the site to converse with the onlookers.

Make some gold nuggets – or mother lodes! Get your hand on some rough rocks (preferably not sedimentary or river rocks) and spray paint them gold. This also works for gravel. They look great strewn around a table for centerpieces (along with some metal pie tins), for games (see the Games section) or for party favors. Have fun with them!

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