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Western Theme Party Invitation Ideas

When it comes time to come up with invitations for your western theme party, make an attempt to think outside the box. The Old West theme, as far as theme parties go, is perhaps one of the most used of all the themes. It might be tempting for your party guests to disengage from the theme simply from a ‘been there, done that’ perspective. Help them get excited to come to YOUR western theme party with some of these western party invitation ideas.

Write “Delivered by Pony Express” or “Delivered by Wells Fargo” on the envelopes.

Use the sides of paper sacks (cut in large sheets) for the actual invitation. They definitely provide a more rustic look.

Insert a small Wanted Poster in the invitation. If you are handy with Photoshop (or know someone who might be) it’s not difficult to create your own with the guest of honor’s face on the poster. Or…if you have the time, put your party guests faces on the posters along with a fun crime they might have committed or that they are WANTED to come to the party.

Announce to your guests that gold was struck and that they are invited to ‘stake their claim.’ You can disguise the invitation like an old newspaper article from a local gazette.

Incorporate the Homestead Act of 1862 – which stated that Congress granted 160 acres if they would move west and live on the land for five years (they needed to be 21 years of age or older.) Invite your guests to ‘move west.’ You could even make a makeshift deed for the 160 acres and insert it into the invitations.

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