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Your western theme party is going great and food is simmering. Sometimes the smell of all that BBQ will get those cowboys, cowgirls and ranch hands a might bit hungry and you’ll need something to distract them before food is served. Here are some fun western theme party games and activities to keep all that Old West fun moving’ along!

Ahead of time, spray paint many different sized rocks and gravel bits a shiny gold (make sure to use high gloss gold spray paint.) Then hide these rocks throughout a specified area, for your guests to find. The goal is NOT to find the most rocks, but rather the most gold. You see, instead of counting the rocks, have them weighed to determine the winner. This way, bigger lodes will be of more value than the little nuggets.

Order some Native American beads (try a company called Firemountain) and allow your guests to make their own Indian necklaces. Those with a crafty side to them will really enjoy the opportunity to make them – plus they make for great ‘take-away’ gifts at the conclusion of your party.

Create a maze of boxes (taping them to each other in a creative way) and call it Prospector Pete’s Mine. This single activity will amuse most young children for hours on end. No kidding. For extra fun, make some of the walls with sliding doors, cut some windows, and make some dead ends.


Set up different poker tables where your guests can gamble with poker chips, gold coins or nuggets. Start everyone out with a certain amount and the one with the most by the end of the evening wins a prize. Additionally, you could have other ways of earning/winning more coins throughout the event with games, costume contests and the like. If you’d like more than one winner, have everyone turn in whatever coins/nuggets they have at the end of the evening for raffle tickets (the more coins/nuggets they earn, the more chances they have of winning a prize).

Know anyone who could teach the group some country line dancing? If not, there are entertainment companies that offer individuals/instructors to come and teach it to guests at parties. This is a great activity that adult and child can enjoy together. If you are concerned about the participation of your guests with this activity, consider approaching some of the ‘social leaders’ on your guest list in advance to ask them to make sure they get out there to help others step up, too.

This works especially well if you’ve incorporated the collecting of poker chips throughout the event/party. Have a couple of shoot-outs during the event/party. Guests then bet on who will win the shoot-out. If you’ve opted to make the Wanted posters, then you might include the faces of some of the characters you have involved in your shoot-outs.

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