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50s Theme Party Ideas

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1950s Theme Party Decorating Ideas

Who doesn’t love a great 1950’s theme party!? Sure there are the stand by 1950s theme party decorations ideas, but here are some that perhaps you’ve never heard of…some ideas to impress your guests and make you look like a star!

1950s Theme Party Decorations #1: Visit your local thrift store and pick up as many cheap records as you can get your hands on, no matter what the label. These look fantastic hanging about as decoration. The hole in the middle makes them easy to hang or attach to walls. For added fun, you can glue your own record labels on each (including either real bands from the 50s or you can create your own using the names of some of your guests.) These records can also be handmade using poster board. However, the real albums from the thrift stores look MUCH better (and are quicker and easier.)  

1950s Theme Party Decorations #2: Have any extra 50s themed clothing that you aren’t planning on wearing? These look great hanging up on walls. You can either separate the pieces in offsetting juxtapositions or assemble them to form ‘people’ on the walls.


1950s Theme Party Decorations #3: For really fun centerpieces, make ice cream sundaes that don’t melt!!! With an ice cream scoop, dish out some ‘vanilla’ scoops of ‘ice cream’ from a big tub of mashed potatoes (if you look closely at restaurant photos of their ice cream, they often use mashed potatoes because of their likeness and ability to hold up under heat.) With some chocolate syrup, shaving cream (for whipped cream), nuts and a cherry, you’ll have an AMAZING sundae that will not melt! These are great for outdoors as well as indoors. The weight of the mashed potatoes (as well as that of the glass dish it is sitting in) will even weight down a bouquet of helium balloons.

1950s Theme Party Decorations #4: If you are planning a Sock Hop as part of your party, hang actual socks on the walls, or hang them from the ceiling. For the best effect, make sure that you have a wide variety of socks on display (i.e. shiny, dull, ‘holey’, new, both boys’ and girls’ socks, colorful and plain, etc)

1950s Theme Party Decorations #5: Unless your party colors dictate otherwise, buy a pack of all black construction paper. From used manilla file folders, cut out a few stencils of music notes. For a variety of shapes, check out some sheet music (libraries, friends, online, churches, etc.) for a variety of notes and symbols. Once you have a few, invite some friends over to help trace and cut out a ton of notes to hang just about anywhere (the walls, from the ceiling, etc.) This is also a fun activity that the kids can get in on! If you want to get a little more ambitious, get your hands on a skein of black yarn and create a five line music staff on which to put the notes (black crepe paper would also do the trick.) When spacing the lines, keep in mind the size of your notes so that they are somewhat proportionate. Also, remember that the music staff doesn’t have to be straight across like on a page of music – you can have it zigzag, flow musically in circles or in whatever direction your creativity takes you! A finishing touch would be to make a large jukebox as a focal point for the musical notes to come from. This can be made from poster board, a couple boxes stacked on top of each other (covered with butcher paper this looks REALLY great) or just butcher paper. If you have a tall ceiling, you can make a HUGE one from butcher paper (found at teacher supply stores) by hanging several sheets next to each other. With such a single large decoration (with the notes then flowing out of it) you’d need very little else to decorate your party and your guests will be incredibly impressed!

1950s Theme Party Decorations #6: From two large (VERY square) boxes, make a couple of fuzzy dice. You can either simply spray paint them pink and glue on the dotes (cut from construction paper) or paint them on (though the latter takes more time because you’ll have to wait until the sides dry before you can rotate the dice to paint the bottom side.) These are GREAT hanging overhead at the entrance to the party. They also make great piñatas.

1950s Theme Party Decorations #6: Download sheet music from the Internet for different songs from the 50s. These can then be printed out and hung all throughout your party space as part of your decorations as well as rolled up as part of your table centerpieces!


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