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1950s Theme Party Invitation Ideas

Don’t wait until the party to start the 50s fun – get creative with your party invitations and your guests will be eager to come with these 1950s party invitation ideas.

1950s Party Invitation Ideas #1: Get your hands on some old, unwanted CD’s (or buy blank in bulk) and spray paint them black. Glue a circle on the inside simulating the label of an old 45”. On this circle put all the party details (who, what, when and where…) You can use both sides if you need to. Buy some paper CD covers – they look very similar to record covers! (Or, you can use cardstock, to create album covers by cutting them the appropriate size – folding them over and taping two sides so that the CD can slide inside.) These covers can also be done with paper with a hole the same size as your party details circle. If you choose to not cut the window out of the cover, you can put images from the 50’s or the guest of honor. Just be sure to leave the party details on the record label only (so they have to remove the record to see the party info.

1950s Party Invitation Ideas #2: A great invitation that the kids can help make (or even make completely on their own) are bowling balls. Using a standard circle stencil (you can use the fancy ones or just find a Tupperware bowl about the size you are looking for…) to draw the balls on different colors of construction paper. The three finger holes can be drawn by selecting a coin (dime to quarter, depending on the relative size of the ball you’ve drawn) and simply filling them in with a dark, black marker. All of the information could then be printed by them (or you, for the younger ones) on the backs.  

1950s Party Invitation Ideas #3: If you are planning a sock hop, visit your local thrift store and pick up actual socks for your party invitations! You can either write the party details on a piece of paper and put it inside the sock or use a sharpie marker and write directly on the socks themselves!

  1950s Party Invitation Ideas #4: Give out diner soda cups! Visit your local restaurant supply store (such as a GFS) to see the different cup options you’ll have have. Make sure to pick up some lids and straws as well. Print out all of your party information on small sheets of paper (the size that can be clued to the sides of soda cups.) Budget permitting, you can also print them on large Avery labels to make the attaching process easier. In the same way, create labels for your made up diner on another label/piece of paper. Once you’ve attached the two to your cups, pop on a lid and a insert the straw and you’ll have amazingly fun 1950s theme party invitations that will be great fun to hand out!

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