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1950s Theme Party Food Ideas

Food for a fifties party can sometimes be the easiest menu to plan. Go for the old fifties diner standbys like hamburgers, French fries and milkshakes and you should be good. However, sometimes you want to provide some edibles that your guests won’t be expecting…try some of these 1950s theme party food ideas on for size!
1950s Theme Party Food Ideas

1950s Theme Party Food Ideas #1: Create some record album cakes. A great idea that super simple to pull off – begin by baking a bunch of single layer 9” cakes with your favorite cake recipe (or right out of the box!) They are already perfectly round and make fantastic records! Frost accordingly. Using your computer, you can print labels to go in the center (either with actual songs from the decade or words describing the day – i.e. Happy Birthday, etc.) If you get ambitious, take a narrow drinking glass (a shot glass is perfect) and push it face down in the middle of each cake before you frost them. In this way, you’ll make a hole in the fashion of the real 45” records. With a fork, you can score the tops of the records to create concentric grooves. This would also work well with cookie cakes.  

1950s Theme Party Food Ideas #2: Another great cake idea is to nab a screen shot from an old 50s movie and glue it to a piece of thick cardstock. Push the picture into the cake upright simulating a Drive-In movie screen. Now use lots of matchbox sized cars in front of it as though they were watching the movie! For added fun, you can put fake trees, signs (make from cardstock and attaching them to straws or toothpicks.) You can even create a concession stand using legos!


1950s Theme Party Food Ideas #3: If you do decide to go with the traditional hamburgers, fries and milkshakes, consider visiting your local restaurant supply store (i.e. Smart & Final, etc.) and pick up some white server hats for fast food joints. If outdoors, put the servers on roller skates (if you can still find them) versus the roller blades that seem to be everywhere now.

1950s Theme Party Food Ideas #4: Dollar stores often have very inexpensive small dessert sundae dishes. These are great to use as serving ice cream or other desserts in – but also as candy dishes or dishes for holding just about anything for your party.

1950s Theme Party Food Ideas #5: (If continuing with the diner feel) take a giant sheet of poster board or butcher paper and make a large menu to hang on the wall. Be sure to put cheaper prices! Hamburgers were only a quarter! You can also make it “Al’s Diner,” “Frosty Palace” like in GREASE or perhaps use the name of the guest of honor.

1950s Theme Party Food Ideas #6: For some fun snacks, take OREO cookies and turn them into records! Spread a small amount of light colored frosting (about the size of a nickel or quarter) in the center of the cookie. With a little black icing, put a dot in the dead center for the ‘hole.’ These are great fun to have setting out at your party or as cake decorations! This can also be turned into a fun activity for the children to decorate, then eat!

1950s Theme Party Food Ideas #7: For AMAZING record album snack bowls, get old albums from that time period, though any would work. Get yourself an oven safe bowl and some wax paper. Turn the bowl over so the opening is face down place wax paper over the top and then place the album on top. Heat oven to 350. Put it all on a cookie sheet and place in oven for approximately 2-5 minutes you’ll need to watch it. Then remove and while still warm gently push sides in to make a wavy effect. You now have take home favor bowls to fill with candy.


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