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1950s Theme Party Games

So, you have your invitations sent out and menu planned. Now it’s time to consider providing some planned 1950s theme party games and activities for your guests. Although not everyone enjoys party games, the RIGHT party game can get everyone out of themselves and into a ‘party spirit’ that can carry on throughout the entire party time.

1950s Theme Party Games #1: Straw Paper Blow Out – This is a simple but fun game, especially if you’ve opted to decorate the party area like a vintage 50s diner. Give each participant three straws and have a straw wrapper blowing contest. You could have two different goals: the shot that lands the farthest or the one that is closest to the target that you establish. As a tip, sometimes a hole blows out the end before the paper ‘ejects.’ If this happens, pull it out a little bit and give the end a tight, but gentle couple of twists make a ‘stinger’ of sorts. This will seal the hole and allow a good shot. A box of straws can be purchased at your local restaurant supply store.  

1950s Theme Party Games #2: Sundae Cherry Pitch – Purchase a few small sundae dishes at your local dollar storeand line them up about 4-6 feet from the participants (depending on the age.) This is a challenging game/activity…but fun never-the-less. From your local craft store, pick up a bag of red marbles (the clear glass kind – these aren’t perfectly round, which will keep them from rolling everywhere.) Have the participants each take turns tossing ‘cherries’ into the sundae dish until one makes it in. The challenge lay in trying to get it in without having it bounce out! For REAL fun, though, put some ice cream in it. The marbles won’t bounce out – they’ll stick to the ice cream. This can get a little messy, especially if it’s warm and the ice cream makes a splash. Of course, if you don’t mind a mess, there’s nothing stopping you from using real cherries!


1950s Theme Party Games #3: Hold drag races! At the wave of a scarf, each participant must move their small toy car from one end of the track to the other (you can make a simple track by applying masking tape to a sidewalk or smooth driveway.) And don’t make the mistake that this game is only for kids – it’s great to see a grown man moving a toy car frantically along a track! There are different ways, though, that the cars can ‘move.’

The standard push (each participant can give their car one push by applying a single finger to the top of their car, then giving a single push.)
Using their nose to push the car the whole way. They must crawl forward (if on the ground) as the car moves to keep up with it and to give it another push until it crosses the finish line.
Use straws to blow through to propel the cars forward. With this one, you’ll want to make sure that the surface the cars are riding on is smooth enough. You’ll want to test this one first.

1950s Theme Party Games #4: Set up different roller skating obstacle courses. This game could also be held without roller skates (if the participants don’t all have some to use) Have the participants be waiters/waitresses, carrying a tray of items down a winding path. There are a couple of different ways to go with this.

Set a single course and time each participant going through it – time deducted for each item dropped (this is a good time to mention to make sure that they are using plastic cups and plates, etc. on their trays.)
You could also set up a relay race where the participants must go through, come back and tag the next person on the team. Add some fun by giving the lead participant a fast food hat and apron to wear so that they must transfer the ‘uniform’ to the next person before that player can go through.
To add to the fun, set up some tables along the way where the participants must place certain food items at each table. Maybe they have to pick up the tip money (play money/Monopoly money) that is left on each table before they leave it!)

1950s Theme Party Games #5: Finally, set up games tables (yes, for the adults, too) with games from the 50s (Parcheesi, checkers, Mr. Potato Head). Near the tables you can also set up the famous game of TWISTER! Sure, not super ‘out of the box’ idea, however still one where adults will enjoy playing games that they used to play when they were kids.  

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