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Ancient Egypt Theme Party Decorating Ideas

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Decorating Ideas #1: Gold coffin (or gold walls, if needed.) Spray paint the box structure with a standard HIGH GLOSS finish gold spray paint (not matte finish.) Using some art history books as guides, draw cartouche images on the sides using a fine tipped, black permanent marker. Now, the marker will not be dark enough atop the gold spray paint…you’ll need to go back over it with some black acrylic paint. Some color was used by the Egyptians, notably white, turquoise and an earthy brick red. Reflect these colors in touch up details on the sides of the coffins.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Decorating Ideas #2: For simple, stone temple walls, cut ‘bricks’ from cardboard boxes. A perfect cube has six sides, but a box with flaps on top and bottom has 14! Cut each piece out individually and attack to a wall with the plain side outward. Images can now be drawn for the final touch. This is great for covering a large area with minimal materials.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Decorating Ideas #3: Old research books look great as centerpieces. Go to your local library (college libraries are much better for this) and look for old, antique books, preferably on ancient Egypt. They always have them…and they look great for atmosphere.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Decorating Ideas #4: In the same vein as above, set up a small research table vignette. Stack up some old books, strew around some loose papers with notes scribbled on them, some pencils, etc. Have a single candle burning to illuminate the vignette…simple, elegant and effective.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Decorating Ideas #5: Weather permitting, tiki torches are a great way to set the mood in an outdoor setting. Even if your event is to be held entirely indoors, a few lit torches on the outside entrance look fantastic – especially at dusk. These can be usually purchased at Wal-Mart or most garden centers.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Decorating Ideas #6: Create, what I call, a portal to your event. By this, I mean any special way of decorating the ENTRANCE to your event. Have your guests walk through a short cave, through the entrance to an ancient Egyptian temple, past an exotic marketplace, anything you can think of to utilize the ‘first impression’ maxim. This is especially effective for events where the decorations on the inside are limited or merely dwarfed by the size of the event’s location. An interesting idea also would be to create some sort of ‘time portal’ or ‘time machine’ at the entrance for your guests to walk through to take them back in time.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Decorating Ideas #7: Gather as many shovels and digging tools as you can find. By themselves they aren’t necessarily that effective, but next to a small dug hole, with a table full of old looking books (from libraries would work just fine) and journals they really look great (especially if it’s a real old shovel and such…)

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