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Ancient Egypt Theme Party Invitation Ideas

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Invitation Ideas #1: In your invitations, give each guest a specific title, career and area of specialized knowledge. (i.e. Dr. Bill Jones, Director of Antiquities for the New York Metropolitan Museum of Natural History, or Professor Eileen Wilmer, renowned Egyptologist, etc.) If you are especially clever with a computer (or know someone else who is…) you can even make ID badges of sorts for each to bring and wear to the party/event.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Invitation Ideas #2: Make invitations from post cards. Either that, or make your invitations to LOOK like exotic postcards – utilizing exotic photos found on the Internet and printed out. You could also check out your local library…most have a table of free publications (usually with lots of National Geographic magazines). Peruse them for topics and photos on ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Invitation Ideas #3: Provide mock airplane tickets with the invitations, allowing them to travel to Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Invitation Ideas #4: Have fun creating a great looking map to your location. Use the last idea listed in INVITATIONS on how to antique the paper. You could even mark the path with a red marker (as exemplified in all the travel scenes for the Indiana Jones movies…)

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Invitation Ideas #5: Insert mock passports into each invitation (or decorate the invitation as such) detailing the adventure they are about to embark on. If you are able to, attempt to apply a picture of each guest to their passports…perhaps they won’t be allowed into your ‘foreign country’ without the appropriate passport. What great fun it would be to have a government official at the entrance to the party/event, checking each guest’s ‘papers’ before allowing them to enter!

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Invitation Ideas #6: Disguise your invitation as a travel itinerary from a local travel company – detailing the exotic stops the guest will make during the party/event.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Invitation Ideas #7: Don’t invite them to a party. Invite them to an adventure! – “Join an archeological dig in Thebes!”

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Invitation Ideas #8: Decorate the invitation like an issue from an old Chicago newspaper – or even from Egypt itself. Some of the articles might be fun and fictitious, while the others (main one) would include all the details for the party.

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