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A fully designed Egyptian themed treasure hunt

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Egyptian Themed Bingo set

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Ancient Egypt Theme Party Games

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Games #1: As you divide the kids into different teams, explain to them that they must first form different ‘archaeological’ teams. Allow each team to come up with a country to represent. For added fun, they can also come up with their own specialties (to divide up some of the activities of the day) such as Anthropologist, Historian, Egyptologist, Cartographer and Linguist.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Games #2: Get your hands on two metal detectors. Line two teams up in single file lines with a large plot of loose dirt or sand at least 10 feet away. Create relay races where players must take turns running to the soil and use the detectors to find a ‘treasure.’ Be sure to put distracting things like washers and nails to throw off their search (especially if using this game for adults or older kids.)

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Games #3: Throughout the party, allow the guests to collect gold coins (or points, etc. -this would also work for adults.) At the end of the event, post a chart showing rankings based on how many they’ve earned. For example, for five or less they earn the title of ‘Tourist,’ for 10-20 maybe they’ve earned the title of ‘Explorer’ and for 50 or more, the title of ‘Pharaoh.’ You can give other titles in between as determined by the number of coins/points possible.  

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Games #4: This is a great game no matter what the age of the participants. Find several copies of the EXACT same publication (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC works great because of the subject content. There is also a publication called ARCHAEOLOGY.) Divide the participants in groups no larger than three, each equipped with their own magazine. When everyone is ready, call out an item (from a list you've prepared ahead of time) that can be found inside the magazine. Make sure everyone hears the image before you say 'Go!' No one is to open their magazine until you say 'Go.' - however, when you do, each team is to frantically storm through the magazine looking for the image. For example, you might call out images such as "A native holding a spear" or "An Egyptian tomb." It takes a couple of items to get everyone warmed up...but you'll find that it won't take long before you'll here things like "Oh, wait! I remember seeing that somewhere in the back" or "I'm not sure where, but it's on one of the pages in the upper right corner" as the players get more familiar with the magazine.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Games #5: This is definitely an oldie. However, here’s a new twist. In ancient Egypt, families were often buried together. Have each team stand in a circle, facing outward. The team must unravel the toilet paper around the entire team’s circle, holding onto the wrapping as the roll is passed around. Believe me, it is much more difficult (and a lot more fun) than it would first appear.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Games #6: Create a small network of tunnels using boxes taped together. Make sure that you have two separate entrances into the labyrinth. Inside the boxes, put different objects (such as two hand shovels, two plastic spiders, two skull rings, etc.) Have the children form two different archaeological teams that will compete against each other in a relay race. Then, have the children form two lines some distance from the box caves. When you say go, the first kid from each team runs in to find an object you call out (each running/crawling through a different entrance – each team has their own assigned entrance.) For instance, the first race you might say “Plastic spider, GO!” Then the first two team members must run inside the tunnels, looking for a plastic spider. The first one to find the object and run back to their team earns a point. Then send the next two kids in for looking for a different object. Kids really love this one…

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