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An Ancient Egypt theme party is a romantic idea...but sometimes those details, such as what kind of food to serve AT your Ancient Egypt theme party, can stump us. Hopefully these ideas Ancient Egypt theme party food ideas will help.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Food Ideas

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Food Ideas #1: Hide a plastic treasure or jewels and coins INSIDE the cake (they can be pushed into the cake after it cools but before it is frosted.)

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Food Ideas #2: Design a treasure map or one detailing the path of the Nile River. Where the X is, hide treasure underneath as described above – for the guest of honor.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Food Ideas #3: Crush up graham crackers to use as sand - this can used in a variety of ways with your Egypt theme party food.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Food Ideas #4: Give your food/drinks alternate names (i.e. Pharaoh’s Royal Punch, Stew of the Nile, Cleopatra’s Snake Surprise, etc.)

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Food Ideas #5: Allow your guests to sit on the floor with lots of pillows for a more exotic feel to the meal.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Food Ideas #6: Adventure and BBQs go together! Plan something exotic outside over open flames!

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Food Ideas #7: This is great for any age. Use all the techniques we grew up with building Christmas gingerbread houses to create an ancient Egyptian temple! Both kids and adults will have fun constructing and decorating their mysterious structures. One thing this has over the Christmas homes is that it can actually look BETTER if the gingerbread pieces are irregular or even broken. These make great centerpieces, as running activities during the party or even as a contest among small groups of guests. If you turn this into a contest, make sure that every team is given the same amount of gingerbread pieces...

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Food Ideas #8: Allow the kids to decorate their own place mats. Give each child a piece of construction paper and a bunch of things to decorate with (markers, jewels, etc.) to turn their mat into ancient treasure map. It's a great way to keep the kids active - and they'll enjoy using them that much more!

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Food Ideas #9: Set the food up in such a fashion as to simulate a marketplace trade stand. Use multicolored material swags, wheel barrels to hold the ice and drinks and use brass bowls and necklaces for any centerpieces needed.

Ancient Egypt Theme Party Food Ideas #10: You can purchase actual alligator and other exotic meat at large grocery stores. This can be a lot of fun, just be sensitive to your guests.

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