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Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Halloween Party Decorating Ideas #1: Have a hallway of closed doors (i.e. bedrooms leading to the bathroom, or storage rooms not being used)? This is really neat. Buy some white PVC piping at your local discount home supply store. Have them cut the piping (or do it yourself) tall enough to fit INSIDE the door jams when the doors are closed (about 4-5 for each door). Spray paint the pipes a flat black. For an added touch, use some acrylic paint (rusts, beiges, browns) and smear it across the pipes to age them. Prop these poles up in the door jams and VOILA! You have a dungeon! For a touch that will have everyone talking, in a couple of the rooms, have a continuous tape playing by the door of voices from the prisoners. They could be moaning from pain, calling for help, praying for deliverance, or merely trying to grab the attention of those walking by begging to be released. HINT: You don’t need hours of original dialogue for this, only about a minute or two…then copy the segment over and over. If you are especially clever, you can write a short script that would end up where it began so that your cuts are seamless

Halloween Party Decorating Ideas #2: Have a friend who’s a butcher? Know someone who knows someone who knows someone who’s a butcher? This is the best place I’ve found to get your hands on some large bones. Boil the tar out of them first (getting all the meat and gristle off.) These look great strewn around the mouth of a monster’s cave, around the cage of a trapped wild animal, thrown around a graveyard, inside a mummy’s tomb or just something that the guests will have to touch in order to find something they are looking for. If you don't know a butcher, you can often purchase large bones pretty inexpensively - just ask when the best time of the week is (when they throw their bones out.)  

Halloween Party Decorating Ideas #3: Borrow some DVD players from some friends and have different horror movies being played throughout the location/party area. The great part about this is that the volume on these does not need to be turned up. The visuals alone are great. Some movies to consider are some classics like (and check your local library before you begin renting): Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street series, Halloween series, Child's Play and any number of your favorites. You can also go VERY classic and get some of the old black and white Universal horror movies like Bella Lugosi's Dracula and Frankenstein with Boris Karloff. The trick to picking the movies is to choose ones that are easily recognizable for your guests (especially if you have the sound turned way down to keep from conflicting with one another...)

Halloween Party Decorating Ideas #4: Hang movie posters from famous horror movies. These can be purchased through any number of movie poster companies online. For a more economical approach, nab them from the internet and print them out on 8 ½ x 11 sheets of paper for ‘mini’ posters.

Halloween Party Decorating Ideas #5: Why not make some homemade paper chains? Purchase a packet of black or gray construction paper and make very long chains in the old grade school fashion (cutting the paper into strips, then looping them, linking the loops to create the chain). Pop in an old movie and chain away…have a friend help to double the fun and cut the time.

  Halloween Party Decorating Ideas #6: Connect PVC piping (either by cutting holes and insertion or using connectors) creating a large cage. Spray paint the cage a flat black. Have a large character/monster guarding the cage. Guests can pay a couple of dollars to have the Monster approach someone at the party (the paying guest choosing which one) to have taken to the cage and put inside (with other monsters perhaps in there as well.) They must stay in the cage for 5-10 minutes. It’s not a long time, but it feels like it when you are inside – but it’s all in great fun and I have found that this single activity can raise a lot of money with a rambunctious crowd!

Halloween Party Decorating Ideas #7: These are REALLY great - if you are able to get the volunteers, that is...Instead of (or in addition to) decorations placed throughout the party/event area, set up small themed scenes with live characters inside. For example, using a couple of cardboard voting booths creating a [__] shape, decorate the scene with a tomb, sandy walls, spider webbing and the like. Position your LIVE mummy inside the vignette (like a museum exhibit) so that they can move around within their space and lightly interact with those that stop to watch. The effect is that there are 'zoo exhibits' in a way...interesting things to look at during the party. Come up with a list of things for each of the characters to do while they are confined to their space (depending on their character and on the props you provide them within their space.)

Halloween Party Decorating Ideas #8: Just for fun, hollow out a watermelon instead of a pumpkin. (For the younger kids...If you are handy with a knife, create the face of Larry the Cucumber in Veggie Tales...

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