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Halloween Party Games For Kids

Halloween Party Games For Kids #1: Open up a white napkin and place a walnut in the center. Wrap the napkin around the walnut, allowing the excess to drape down. The walnut inside will shape the head of the ghost. Tie a knot around the ‘neck’ of the ghost with a string or twist-tie. Finally, draw two eyes on the face of the ghost. Repeat these steps, creating several ghosts. To play, place a carved out pumpkin or any other Halloween container in the middle of the room. Create a game where the guests must toss the ghosts into the pumpkin or container. Have each guest mark his/her ghosts in a certain way and allow everyone to encircle the pumpkin and toss all at the same time – allowing some to be knocked away by other ghosts being tossed at the same time.

Halloween Party Games For Kids #2: Using masking tape, tape on the ground a zig-zagging path for the guests to run on. Create one line for each team. Give the first person on each team a spoon and a small bowl of candy corns. When you say GO! the first team member on each team must walk/run the course (being sure to touch every corner) while trying not to drop any of the candy corns. At the other end of the line, place a bowl for the team member to dump the remaining candy corns from their spoon. The guest then runs back to hand the spoon to the next teammate. At the end of the time period chosen, the team with the most candy corns wins.  

Halloween Party Games For Kids #3: This is definitely an oldie. However, here’s a new twist. In ancient Egypt, families were often buried together. Have each team stand in a circle, facing outward. The team must unravel the toilet paper around the entire team’s circle, holding onto the wrapping as the roll is passed around. Believe me, it is much more difficult (and a lot more fun) than it would first appear.

Halloween Party Games For Kids #4: Inflate and tie a black balloon, one for each child. Tie the balloon to one end of a two foot long black piece of yarn, while the other end is tied to the child's right ankle. When you yell "GO!" everyone makes an attempt to pop everyone else's balloon (chainball) while avoiding their own from getting popped. The last person with an unpopped balloon, wins.

  Halloween Party Games For Kids #5: This game is similar to Musical Chairs, but with a twist. Cut out different grave markers from butcher paper or poster board. Then, place them half-hazardly throughout the playing area, NOT IN A CIRCLE. Put some grave markers close together while some are far away from all the rest. Play the music (something good and spooky) and have the kids still walk in a circle. However, when the music stops, finding an open grave marker is bit more challenging. For older kids, but a ‘2’ or ‘3’ on a couple of the larger grave markers signifying how many kids can occupy each particular grave.

Halloween Party Games For Kids #6: If you have access to a jungle gym (the bigger the better) or a large facility, have the group split up into groups of 4-6, making sure that each team has the same number. Ahead of time, string yarn throughout the playground/area, weaving it in and out of the toys, benches, etc. Make sure that there is one different color yarn for each crew. Next, tie each crew member to each other by their wrists, forming a single line. When you say GO, each team must follow their string, to reach their final destination. This sounds much easier than it turns out to be as the kids realize that even simple actions like crawling under a bar can be difficult when EVERYONE must do it together (and in the dark!) Make sure that the other ends of the yarn are tied securely.

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