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Halloween Party Invitation Ideas

Halloween Party Invitation Ideas #1: For invitations, explain that a party will be held and only the dead need attend. Attach to the invitation (or make it a part of it) an individualized Death Certificate with the invitee's name on it. For further fun, create small newspaper articles/obituaries explaining how each person 'died.'

Halloween Party Invitation Ideas #2: Purchase a paper bone skeleton (or several, depending the number of your guests) and disassemble it. Use the backs of these pieces to write your invitations. If the bones are small enough (depending on the kinds of skeleton you are able to find) you might be able to allow a few of the bones to stay attached.

Halloween Party Games For Kids #5: This game is similar to Musical Chairs, but with a twist. Cut out different grave markers from butcher paper or poster board. Then, place them half-hazardly throughout the playing area, NOT IN A CIRCLE. Put some grave markers close together while some are far away from all the rest. Play the music (something good and spooky) and have the kids still walk in a circle. However, when the music stops, finding an open grave marker is bit more challenging. For older kids, but a ‘2’ or ‘3’ on a couple of the larger grave markers signifying how many kids can occupy each particular grave.  

Halloween Party Invitation Ideas #3: Download from the Internet (or photocopy) images from horror movie stills (the old Universal classics might work best - i.e. Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, etc.) Cut small comic strip blurbs/bubbles out and clue to the image - allowing the monster to say something. Now put funny words in the mouths of the monsters, inviting guests to the party. For adults, attempt to find images from 1960's B-horror movies. Lots of these images can be downloaded from the Internet. You might want to make one master copy with the bubble(s) and words, then photocopy the others for the invitations (unless the words on each invitation are to be different - i.e. including the name of each of the guest in the bubble.)

Halloween Party Invitation Ideas #4: In the invitations, place a very short horror story, but leaving off the ending. The guests must write their own ending to the story and bring it with them to the party. Read them out loud (not mentioning who wrote which) and allow everyone to vote on the best one.

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