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Halloween Party Games For Adults

Halloween Party Games For Adults #1: This is a lot of fun, but it does require that each team be armed with a Polaroid or digital camera. Give a list of places and objects that teams must get their picture taken next to or at. Make sure that they are Halloween themed (roadkill, etc.) or some that would require some creativity (photo with a police officer, etc.) Another option would be to have specific places in mind and give clues as to where they are to go to have their picture taken. For the best results, have a great variety of pictures to take, utilizing all three. For thrill seekers, make the locations dark, deserted and creepy – places they MUST go in order to get the points!

Halloween Party Games For Adults #2: Cover two-liter bottles with white fabric, creating ghosts. Set them up in a pyramid fashion…then, bowl away! The ridges on the pumpkin make it extra challenging and a lot of fun! HINT: Make sure that this is done outside and that you have several ‘spare’ pumpkins as things can get messy. Also, depending on the ‘strength’ of the guests, it might be appropriate to fill the two liter bottles with sand or dirt first (to weight them down.)

Halloween Party Games For Adults #3: This works best with large groups of guests, where the guests are somewhat familiar with each other. Pull everyone together in one room. Choose one person to leave the room until called back in. Now, select another person to leave into a different room. Call back the first person and see if they can figure out who is missing from the group. Set a specific period of time (number of seconds) that they have to figure out who in the group has ‘died.’


Halloween Party Games For Adults #4: This is a great, non-threatening game for adults. Get your hands on as many classic horror movies as you can (library, borrowing from friends, your own collection, renting if you have to, etc.) and audio record 10-15 seconds (not much more) of the main title theme music. Allow a couple of seconds of silence in between each music selection. Make sure you write down the order of movies you've recorded as you go. Now, for the game...Assemble your guests in a single room and explain that they must guess which movie the snip-it is from. Give everyone a piece of paper and pencil and begin playing the tape. Once everyone has finished, replay the tape and tell everyone which movie each piece came from. For crowds that may be less familiar with movies, offer the list of movies to choose from (making sure to thoroughly mix them up in a new order.)

Halloween Party Games For Adults #5: Either days before the party or during the party itself (sometime early on) collect from different people their all-time worst nightmare - one that perhaps plagued them for a long time. Then, allow your guests to figure out who had which nightmare.

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