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Treasure Gems Perfect for your Luau! CLICK HERE!

Hand Antiqued Shell Paper

Hand Antiqued Shell Paper

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Hawaiian Luau Theme Party Ideas

Bring on the hula skirts and tropical drinks from carved out pineapples! Hawaiian luaus theme parties are great fun to plan any day of Summer. However, they are also fun to plan during the Winter, as well (especially if you’re located in a snow belt region!)

Our current list of Hawaiian luau party resources articles and pages:

Hawaiian Luau Party Decorations

Hawaiian Luau Party Invitations

Hawaiian Luau Party Games for Children

Hawaiian Luau Party Activities

Hawaiian Luau Party Food Ideas

Other Hawaiian Luau Resources

Hawaiian Theme Treasure Hunt A FULLY DESIGNED Hawaiian Luau Themed Adventure Treasure Hunt Return to Mt. Keahi – A Hawaiian Themed Treasure Hunt Adventure! This package comes with five completely designed treasure hunt puzzles to choose from along with a sixth BONUS puzzle – will your guests be able to relieve the curse in time? Click HERE to learn more!  



Hawaiian Bingo Play Hawaiian Luau themed Bingo at your luau party! This Bingo set is available for immediate download. Click HERE!







Hawaiian Prereader Treasure Hunt

Plan a fun Hawaiian luau themed treasure hunt for your prereader – a great activity to plan for those younger party guests! Click HERE to download this now!          





Tropical Posters! - Great party decorations!
Posters make great parting gifts for your guests and prizes for your games - they can take them right off the walls!